Wednesday, December 7, 2016

~ Just a few things... ~

This gorgeous Santa wreath is the extent of my Christmas decor at the moment!  The girl that cuts my hair, and my daughter's, made this for me 3 years ago as a birthday gift. I couldn't love it more!!  I just love Santas and Santa faces.

I'm sure you are tired of hearing about my feeling depressed due to the holidays as well as my back. I had an MRI last week and I see the surgeon tomorrow for the results and hopefully, a resolution. I met a dear friend for lunch yesterday and then decided to take care of a few errands while I was out. By the time I got home, I could barely make it up the stairs. I fed Forrester, took care of a few things and then crawled into bed, almost in tears. No one told me that getting older was going to be like this!  :)

My birthday was the 1st and my mother's was the 3rd. Even though she's been gone since 2003, it still bothers me. We didn't have the best relationship but she loved celebrating birthdays and always made an Italian Cream Cake for me ~ my favorite!  My lack of interest in Christmas has been due to the loss of her as well as Abby. I can't think of anyone that loved Christmas more than those two and my daughter! I'm trying to get it together for them!

I'd like for you to take a look at an incredibly creative Christmas tree, gift wraps and more over at Rachel's blog ~ Trailer Trash Treasure TroveShe is extremely creative and talented!  While you're there, check out her Christmas decor and wrapping from last year!

I am so, so excited and immensely blessed as I won a beautiful Christmas apron over at my friend, Tina's ~ What We Keep. She's another that has amazing sewing skills!  Please hop on over and check out her blog!  Now, I must make Christmas cookies with my apron on! :)

We're supposed to have true winter temps tomorrow and Friday, like down to the 20's!  I don't think there's any precip indicated, at least I hope not. I have things to do both days and I just don't drive in icy weather.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I always appreciate it and will be visiting you soon!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

~ This 'N That on Saturday ~

As a retiree, every day's a Saturday or Holiday!  :)  I do remember though how much I looked forward to the weekends when working. They just seemed to fly by though ~ is that still the same?

I need a "body shop" recommendation!  Perhaps if The Sharper Image was still open they could help. I had to go to the urgent care the other day as my eyes were almost swollen to and hurt so bad. I had a sinus infection, viral bronchitis and conjunctivitis ~ not fun!  I also had injections again in my back on Wednesday. I'm so hoping this helps!  Now you know why I need an overhaul ~ :)

I love this article I found on Amanda's blog at Little Miss Fearless  I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

Are you decorating for Christmas yet?  My daughter has had all of her decor up for about 3 weeks now!  What can I say, the girl loves Christmas!  :)  It is absolutely stunning, as usual! I will ask her if I might be able to share photos for you. She did get a new tree this year so I feel that's added to the excitement!

I know I've mentioned it many times but I am truly a "candleholic" ~ and I have no desire for a 12 Step Program!  :)  Right now, Bath and Body Works has a great sale on 3-wick candles. $12.50 each, regularly $22.50 each. This "Champagne Toast" is a favorite of mine and my daughter's. Check it out ~ they make wonderful gifts!

I found this darling cake on My CakeSchool blog. Melissa is incredibly talented and creative!  Don't you know little ones would love having this cake during the holidays?

We finally have cooler temps here ~ in the 40's this morning!  Typical Texas...we go from the 80's to the 30's and 40's in a heartbeat. I'm glad...I don't remember a continuing summer rather than my favorite season, Fall.

A good friend that I used to work with passed away in her sleep last weekend. She was only 65! Her husband passed away about 3 years ago so I can only imagine how their 3 kids are feeling. We absolutely never know what's ahead for us and we should make every effort to "live in the moment"!  After all, that's all we really have. Perform some RAOK's, they don't have to cost anything. Make that call, write the letter, smile at everyone you meet and make each day better than the last!

I hope you have a joyful and blessed weekend ~ 

Friday, November 11, 2016

~ Thank you, Veterans! ~

We live in the greatest country in the world and have enjoyed our freedom, thanks to all that served and those that still serve!  Please honor all of them today...every day, really!

At exactly 11:11 a.m. every Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11), the sun aligns perfectly with the Anthem Veteran’s Memorial in Arizona to shine through the ellipses of the five marble pillars representing each branch of the Armed Forces, illuminating The Great Seal of the United States.