Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~ An Attitude of Gratitude ~

gratitude  n.   The state of being grateful, thankfulness, appreciation...

Thanksgiving is an American holiday but an attitude of gratitude is global.  Cicero said, "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."  Gratitude helps me in so many ways ~ to be conscious of all that I have rather than being concerned about what I don't. It helps me to let go of fear, worry, frustration, envy and regret. Then it fills my heart with peace, love, happiness, joy and excitement. Years ago, Sarah ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance, was on Oprah off & on. She recommends keeping a gratitude journal and listing at least 5 things each day that you feel appreciation for.  I started my gratitude journal then....late 90's when I was still working in a very high stress position. Some days I could only write down a few simple things with major impact on my life ~ the fact that I made it through the day, I had a safe drive home, I had healthy food to eat, a safe home to live in and my bed.  In time, my list grew longer and I felt incredible joy inside.  It will change your life if you do this! 

I'm glad you stopped by ~ I appreciate YOU!


  1. Hey girl see your up and running YAHOO!! like I tod you when your ready for company let me know..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Glad to see you got your comments back Pat..Love Gloria

  3. Oh Pat I'm so glad you got rid of the word verify thing aslo .sometimes it hard for me to read them ha aha!!

  4. Well, hello Pat, and welcome, welcome!!! I found you from sweet Gloria's blog. Nice to meet you. You are going to love the blog world. You are going to meet some of the nicest people, but trust me, it's addicting! lol!!

    Debbie from NJ

  5. Welcome Pat to Blogland....I found you from Gloria's will love it, so just jump in with both feet and never look back!!!

    Your post is great, very will do well with blogging, I can already tell..don't worry about asking too many questions...we all had them, and had to learn aunt is 80 yrs old and started blogging this year...she is unstoppable...HaHa...

    You will find her on my side bar...Thoughts from Meme's corner.....

    Best wishes, I'll be back!!

  6. Such a treat to meet you. Gloria sent me over to say hello and welcome to the world of blogland. I know you will make many wonderful friends here. I look forward to more of your posts. Hugs, Marty

  7. I just looked at your weather widget...and girl if that means North Richland Hills Texas...well honey, we are like neighbors, I live in Meadowbrook....don't be confused by my blog title.....LOL

  8. Welsome, Pat!! I love your first post!! Simple Abundance was like my bible for so long, totally dog earred!! And she did write so much about gratitude. I kept a gratitude journal for a long time along with a regular journal. My next 'bible' became Eat Pray Love and once again Oprah had the author on and SHE recommended keeping a book and writing down 5 things that happened that day that made you happy. I kept a little notebook next to my bed and enjoyed doing that.

    We women, or most of us, need self acceptance. I think gratitude helps us identify what we are given and therefore we have more to give. That is a really good feeling. What do you think?

    Welcome again to bloggy world!!


  9. You could not have found a better blogging friend than Gloria! She has helped me through some times...IF I ever get to meet her in person..I am afraid I would crush her in a hug soooo big! :)

    The women in the blogging community are the most fantastic you will ever meet. I am facing a health issue at this time and the support and understanding have been ...heart warming, to put it mildly!
    Not all days are not diamonds...but in this community the love is blinding!! It has been one of the best things I have ever done! WELCOME! I hope you enjoy every single minute!

  10. Hello Pat,

    I came by way of Gloria at Happy To Be. Welcome to the land of blogs! I too am relatively new and had no clue what it would be like when I started. It is ever evolving!

    ~ Tracy

  11. Welcome Pat! Just popped over from Gloria's. Being grateful is a simple thing isn't it? Yet we often are in too much of a hurry to experience it. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. I found your lovely blog through Happy To Be this morning and glad I did. Welcome to blog land. I am fairly new myself but have met some really nice ladies on here.
    Hope you enjoy your site. I joined and looking forward to be a follower


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