Monday, November 9, 2009

~ Kindness Week ~

Do you like to perform Random Acts of Kindness?  I do!  And, I think the best are anonymous. I love to leave notes, cards, etc., for others to find as well as a small gift or note at someone's door.
Occasionally, I leave Smile cards  or just a typed note on my neighbor's doors...and on my door they don't suspect me.  It's fun to hear their comments, wondering who does this.  I play along of course like I'm wondering too.

There are a million ways to show kindness and make someone else's day brighter.  Try it this week!  You can find information here ~

Stories and suggestions ~

Let me know what you do and how you feel, ok?


  1. Hi, Nice post! Have you visited my kindness blog yet? I think you may like it!
    Happy Kindness Week!

  2. Yes! The unexpected is always so fun!

  3. It wonderful to so kindness, it gives a great feeling.

  4. This is a nice reminder to be kind to people. Thanks! Sue


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