Friday, December 4, 2009

~ The Beckoning of Lovely ~

I ran across this today in my files and thought I'd share...just in case you haven't seen these videos.  It's truly heartwarming to see how 1 person sets out to show love and caring and it just mushrooms!   Take a look: year later:

I so hope you enjoy! 
xo ~ Pat


  1. I watched them both. How cool is that? It makes me want to do something to change the world! Thank you for pointing me in that direction. Sue

  2. Thank you for entering my giveaway, and good luck! Also, wonderful videos...


  3. I just watched both videos and I LOVED THEM BOTH!!!
    Thanks for showing us! Interesting and very heartwarming!

  4. Your videos were great! Sure makes a person think. Thank you for sharing them. Thanks you for stopping by, stop in any 'ole time.. hugs ~lynne~


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