Sunday, December 27, 2009

~ Under Construction ~

I am trying to redesign my blog so please bear with me. I am one of the most technically challenged people that you'll ever meet! ;-)

Hoping that you're having a restful Sunday and your Christmas was wonder*filled!  As we move toward the new year, do you make resolutions?  I find that if I do, most of mine are broken by the 2nd week.  I like to create goals  or make a Dream/Vision Board for what I'd like to bring into my life during the new year. Have you tried it?  It's an excellent visual source and easily done. Just cut out pictures, words, add photos, whatever feels right for you and place on a piece of poster board, a canvas, inside a frame. Place it in an area that is visible and use it like affirmations. Avoid having anyone speak negatively about it.  This is YOUR life and your dreams that you want to manifest!  :-)

I'll be working on mine and will share a photo when I feel it's ready.  Let me know if you decide to try it!

Along with creating dreams for the new year, I will also be organizing, clearing out and donating or tossing "stuff".  It feels right to me to replace the opened areas with positives.



  1. I DO make resolutions. I like to start the New Year right!! I don't make them that out of reach, so I can usually stick to them in baby steps. I'd really love to see your is an excellent idea. I love doing things like that.

    Have a wonderful New years, Pat!!

    P.S. Good luck with the new blog design! :-)

  2. Hello Pat...
    So sweet of you to stop by. I have popped over to see what your blog is all about. I have signed up to follow, I love new friends and we can make so many through our blogs.

    You asked about help for your blog. I am an IT Specialist, so I am on a computer all day, every day, and the more I look at my blog, the more I see what I want it to be. I just changed it yesterday so my template is new, my header is new. I design my own header. You just find a graphic that you like, and then add your name to it. Then the colors that you add to your header, make your graphics down the scroll bar match. You have used black and red for your colors, so you want to work around these colors. I will do some looking and see what I might be able to help you figure out for a header. I really have no idea what you have in mind, so I will work with it.

    Hopefully your email is in your profile. I will be checking.

    Yes I do make resolutions, and like Janie, I make small ones that are within my reach. If I set BIG goals, we always give up before we get there. The small ones, we accomplish, and it is enough of an encouragement to move to the next.

    Country hugs sweetie. I will be in touch. XOXO Sherry

  3. Hi Pat...
    Email me:

    I have a header to email you. I had an idea and just went with it. It might be something you can use until you find something you like better. I also found a couple of small graphics that you might like for your scroll bar area. Just add them to a gadget or widget whichever you have.

    Let me know. Country hugs, Sherry

  4. I don't make resolutions...I do like to declutter though! I've already made plans to do so!!
    I hope you enjoying your Christmas week!
    I LOVE you new look!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Pat!
    I left you an award on my Kindness Blog!!!


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