Thursday, January 7, 2010

~ Anonymous Comments ~

How do you feel about them?  I am very open to comments and suggestions, however, I don't place as much value on the words when a person doesn't have the _ _ _ _ _ to share their name. Yes, I am extremely new to the blogging world...I am in the minority of not having a husband, a house to show and lots of DIY projects to share. I am very young in spirit, although older in chronological numbers. :-)  I am retired, I live in an apt and I'm finding my way around this blogosphere currently. I do love to cook, baking especially...artsy/craftsy projects...gardening in the spring and summer and inspiration and laughter always.

Just sayin' ~


  1. I have never gotten an anonymous comment...don't know why (maybe I am not interesting !!), but I do know some come from people who do not have blogs, or have yet to start one.


  2. I left my anon. comments activated until just recently.

    I've blogged regularly since March 2007. I've had very few negative comments. However, those awful ads or spam come in anonimously. I just decided I had enough of that.

    Joni, at Cote de Texas had some very unkind anon. comments, over the holidays. I believe she continues to have anon. comments activated.

    I did a little look back at my posts. I usually get at least 40 comments on up to 100 or more. There were only two or three online friends who commented anonimously and then signed their name. I weighed the difference of having anon and not having it and not having it won. I don't know what will happen if I start getting those silly ads, etc, with names attached! For now, I'm monitoring all comments, because you just never know when one of those bad ones will pop up.

    You don't have to have a blog to have a google account. I have friends who don't blog and leave comments with their name, using a google account.

    I hope you blog about baking and gardening and all sorts of things!:-)

  3. It seems I only have one anonymous commentor who comes around occassionally and leaves sweet comments. I believe she doesn't have a blog.

    We are very open to anything you might want to share with us. I don't have many DIY projects to share either, but we all have different things we come to the table with. :)


  4. hello new friend,
    i have had 3 anonymous comments that were very ugly and i found out who left them......i have 3 friends who have google accounts but no blog.
    one of the most successful blogs is cindy at romantic homes and she lives in a condo that she has turned into a castle of beauty.....i think it is neat you live in an apartment because a lot of people live in apartments and you can give all kinds of ideas....your apartment is your oyster to blog just takes time to get started and have new people are doing great.
    angel hugs
    simply debbie

  5. Pat...don't you worry about being who you are. You are a delight, no matter what....and you don't need a husband to be a delight...heck, I might even be more delightful without one... ;)

    I think sometimes anon. comments are ones from people who like to read blogs but don't have one. As long as they are not offensive to you or spam, I'd leave them up. And for the record, if someone has something nasty to say, I usually get it in the form of a email...and have received some....uh.

    I don't have a lot of how-to's myself, live in a small older home, and well...I'm just me....some days I just am too tired to try and be creative....don't worry about any of that.....everyone offers something of importance. I usually offer...and people might get sick of it. Haha

  6. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhh no...I hope that you haven't had troubles with negative comments! Sheeshh...I know there have been a few around Blogland but very few!!! I think the vast majority of people here are very sweet...or at least that has been my experience!

    So Darlin', how have you been? Are you catching up from the holidays? Girl, I'm still trying to get my Christmas down and clean up the aftermath of it all! I'm about to get it licked though! hehe! Just stopping by to say hello and see what you've been up to!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. The only anonymous comments I get are the mean ones. I figure if they can't leave their names, then it isn't that important.Some people are just funny like that. Some blogs do not except anonymous comments. That is one way not to receive them!

  8. Hi Pat!

    I get a few anon comments from time to time. I have had one nasty comment left anon. It's my blog so that comment went away. LOL

    I love to do different crafty things, but realistically, I can't crack out a crafty project each week. It's just not gonna happen. And I live in a 2 bedroom townhouse. So, I totally relate to the apartment living problem. There is only so much we can do.

    Just to make you feel better, I am a 46 year old Grandma "mommy" of a 2 year old! We have raised our little princess since birth and she only knows me as "mama". I hadn't planned on being a "new mommy" at this age! LOL But, here I am.

    I so don't fit into the typical "Mommy bloggers" I don't even fit in with all the mommies around me in "real" life...they are all in their 20's. LOL

    So, just do your own thing and ALWAYS have fun doing it! :)

  9. Ooops.....I meant "crank out" not crack out! LOL

  10. I've only gotten one anonymous comment and it was a positive one. I've never received a negative comment to date, fortunately!

    But in general, I love getting comments. When I'm having a blah day, these comments can lift me out of my mood and remind me that life is short and should be enjoyed. I have some wonderfully faithful followers and commenters -- some truly beautiful people.

    So, it a thumbs up to comments from me.

  11. Pat I've been blogging for over a year now and have never had the annonymous comments turned on.
    I would much rather someone leave a name. No problems with spam this way either. I would leave it off.

    You are a great blogger! I really enjoy yours very much my friend.

    Stay warm! ~Melissa :)

  12. well welcome to blogland!!
    its a pleasure to 'meet you'-you have a great blog

    thanks for dropping by
    happy new year

  13. Then your blog will have it's own special flavor. Welcome to the blogging world - I've only been at it since this past summer. Mostly for a creative outlet with like-minded women. Also, it's journaling on-line, so-to-speak.
    Your picture is so pretty: both on your header and of yourself. Enjoy your new adventure :) Hugz~


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