Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~ Wednesday Gratitude ~

I'm joining Heidi at Heart and Home for the 2nd Wednesday Gratitude event. Today I'm grateful for my body and every part that works perfectly, without me even thinking about it. For the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, walk, drive, you name it!  Take a look at this amazing little boy and his triumph over adversity.

Is this not the best?  He has different prosthetics for each need. His parents must be truly incredible to do this for him and provide such a tremendous amount of encouragement and support!   Aren't we truly blessed?  All of have days that we don't feel strong or easily mobile but wow, we have SO much to be grateful for!



  1. I see something like this and I am SO grateful for my health and that of my husband and children. What a courageous and cute little boy. Such an inspiration!! Thanks, Pat!


  2. We should never take even the simple things for granted. How inspiring others can be!


  3. HI Pat,
    The look on that sweet little boys face is pure happiness! He's a true inspiration. Most days I forget how lucky I am to just be able to get up and walk, to do stuff without having to think about how my body works for me. I try to take good care of it, but lately I've gotten a bit lazy. This was just what I needed to kick me back into gear! Thank you.

    I'm so glad you're back for the 2nd Gratitude party. An intimate gathering this time, but it will grow and grow, esp. with great posts like this one to look forward to. See you soon.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  4. Pat!

    That has got me misting up!

    What a hero!

    Thank-you for sharing in the party!

    love, kelee

  5. Suddenly my sore knee doesn't seem to be such a big deal. Wow, that little guy is awesome!! And yes, how great his parents must be to encourage him to do all the things that he does. I bet he's going to go far in life :-)

    Thanks for participating in our Valentine's giveaway -- good luck!!


  6. Ohhhhh, how sweet! I just wanted to hug him and hug him! I'm so grateful grateful! Come say hi :D


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