Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Taking the Day Off ~

This is what I need!  Alas, not to be today though. I'm inundated with allergies and overwhelmed with unpacking & decorating so I decided to take the day off.  Do you ever do this?  I really think it's good for the body and soul.  I'm making some iced tea, have fresh limes to add and I'm going to rest a bit and then hopefully I'll have my second wind and will get some things accomplished.

I'll be more than happy to write you a permission slip for a day off if you need it. ;-)  We just need that 'permission' sometimes to encourage us, right?



  1. Thanks for the permission slip Pat!!
    Actually I've already pretty much taken the last few days off since I've come down with yucky cold!!

    The weather has been a little rainy and dreary here too, so that always seems to make it easier for me justify a little down time!!

    Speaking of massages... My dear sweet hubby actually gave me the most wonderful one yesterday afternoon, and you're right.. it was VERY good for my body and soul;)

    I hope you enjoy your day off!!


  2. I have a cold too and it is sucking the energy right out of me. It is so aggravating to be feeling tired and achy when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Give me some rain!!

    Hope you are making some headway with the unpacking!


  3. Well Pat, I needed that! Can I get a rain check for another day, too? I used to get monthly massages from my young hippie friend who was a massage therapist and lived right next door to me. I would run over in my robe, and then come home on my wobbly legs and slip right into bed. It was heaven! Sadly, she moved away and it's been over a year since my last massage. That is really bad. I'm having a hard time justifying the $$ right now. But boy do I need some body work. (And a massage would be great, too!)My hubby owes me one but he won't pay up. Darn.
    Enjoy your time off, hope you feel refreshed and much better tomorrow.
    Heidi - Heart and Home


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