Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~ When Her Life is Better Than Mine ~

Take a look at today's post at (In)CourageKristen at We Are That Family contributed a very thought provoking post.  I think you will both enjoy and appreciate it!



  1. I am off to visit Kristen! Thanks, Pat!


  2. It was an excellent post. I don't compare often...or if I say that I do (as in, I wish I could paint like that) it isn't that I'm really jealous or longing for the skill. It is just a fact. There are times in Blogland when I see a few of the tablescapes or crafts (I won't name blogs) and wonder how I can post my humble tables, wreaths etc...but, my daughter is quick to remind me that I started my blog to show real people what they can do without spending a fortune. She always says...those are fun to look at, yours someone could actually do. It puts me right back where I need to be...just me, as I am.


  3. Very nice answers. Good to meet you. And also, I said I am pretty organized with our schedules, not my house. That is very unorganized right now. You should see my basement. Actually you can barely get down the basement without breaking an ankle. LOL.
    So, you probably wouldn't want me to organize your home. :)


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