Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ Wednesday Gratitude ~

It's Wednesday and time to link up with Heidi at Heart and Home to share our blessings, miracles and gratitude!  Please stop by her beautiful blog and check it out along with the others that have joined in!

Texas is more than hot these days...yesterday 101* with a heat index of 106* around our area. Needless to say, I do not get outside!  I take care of errands early in the day, meet friends for lunch and get back inside to "try" and stay cool.  These are a few of my ideas for staying cool:
air conditioning, ceiling fans as well as other fans scattered about, staying hydrated with lots of water and wearing cool fabrics. I still have my coffee in the mornings and iced tea (no sugar for me) and I love cranberry-limeades from Sonic. :-)  I buy no sodium sparkling water and mix it with sugar-free juices for a refreshing drink too. Of course, one must increase the water intake if you're drinking caffeine.  Think shade, swimming pools or remember the icy weather last winter.  :-)  Soooo, if it's cooler where you are and you long for summer temps, come on down!



  1. My heart aches for all of you in these Southern states experiencing such heat. We are up to 90 degrees today but that is an oddity. I find every excuse for putting off going out!

    Your tips are great. I drink tons of Crystal Light all day and stay in with the air conditioning. I also tend to stay in my light cotton jammies all day!


  2. HI Pat,
    I can't imagine living in all that heat! Here we have the early morning "marine layer" (fog!), then the sun comes out and an ocean breeze cools all day - it usually stays around 75-80 degrees, just perfect if you ask me! I'm with you, I'd stay inside all day if I had to deal with the heat in Texas! And drink gallons of iced tea (with splenda and lemon!)
    I hope your eyes are seeing really well after your surgery!
    Have a great week, thanks for linking up today.
    Heart and Home

  3. No thanks! I've heard about summers in Texas and I see you have it all figured out thankfully. But heat or no heat my first drink in the morning is hot coffee (hey, whatelse is air condtioning for) - but then it's iced drinks for the rest of the day. Smiles. Stay cool.

    @ Hauplight

  4. It's basically the same here plus throw in afternoon storms that don't cool things down! Lots of water, bless whoever invented AC and all the fans are on!


  5. I believe I'll stay here and enjoy the 80's...thanks for all the good ideas here..I am going to do these! :D

  6. We have been having unusally high temps for this time of the year as well. Yesterday it was 97 degrees with humidity at 72%. Which resulted in massive storms last night with tornados touchng down all around us.

  7. My husband is in Florida this week for work (that is where we just moved from) and he is melting. We have only been in Cincy for 7 months and he can't stand the heat. It is funny because everyone up here thinks that 90 degrees is so hot. I just laugh. I guess it is like people in New York thinking that I am crazy for thinking that 3 feet of snow is a lot:)

    Caden is down in your neck of the woods for two weeks. He is having a good time with his cousins.

  8. I'm enjoying a Sonic cherry limeade right now. I love them! The heat here today in the SC lowcountry...for the last two weeks, as a matter of fact...has been brutal. Not sure when we'll see a break from it.


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