Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~ Birthday Fun! ~

Yesterday, the 2nd, was my daughter's birthday. I won't share her age as that is her decision. We had a fun day of going to lunch at "The Flying Fish" and it was delish! We went shopping, of course. My s-i-l gave her a beautiful silver charm bracelet which was too big ~ her wrists are tiny as she is very petite. We returned the charm bracelet & she exchanged it for a smaller one and they are attaching the charms today. I decided to purchase myself a silver charm bracelet for "her" birthday! :-) I had a beautiful one eons ago and had so many gorgeous and meaningful charms on it, however, it was stolen with other great jewelry when I had a break-in years ago. The electronics didn't matter to me, however, when you mess with my jewelry, that's war. Of course, nothing was ever found and I've always wanted another bracelet. Here it is ~

The next thing is to begin adding charms.  I browsed the jewelry store's website last night and made a HUGE "Wish List"   ;-)
Sorry I don't have pics of our day....I always forget to take my camera.  Will work on that!

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  1. I had a charm bracelet when I was very young, my grandmother bought me the charms on her travels and someone took it from my locker at school during PE. I still get mad thinking about it. It was replaced and I still have the second one...but, I do miss those old charms from grandma.


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