Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~ Thank you, Candace! ~

Candace  is a new friend and an "almost" neighbor as she resides in Louisiana, Texas' neighbor on the East. This award means so much to me and I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I hope you will stop by her blog and read her warm and inviting posts! 

This Award also comes with rules. :-)  I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.  Hmmm....
~ I LOVE to sleep in. After having an alarm(s) forever, this is a wonderful gift of retirement.
~ I like to have my coffee right away ~ strong and with creamer, no sugar.
~ Fall feels like the beginning of a "new year" to me. Perhaps that is an old connection from    school days, who knows?  I am counting down the days now until we can really declare fall is   here and cooler temps can be enjoyed! On Sept 1st, my fall decor is out ~ ;-)
~ I am finding that "less is more" in my house (apt) now and am really clearing out, donating,   giving away and it feels so good!
~ I am really claustrophobic. It is difficult for me to be in a small space or a room with a lot of   people.  If I am, I need to be near a door...a way out, so to speak.
~ I love, love seafood ~ any kind really. I could eat some type daily and never tire of it.
~ Laughter is so important in my life!  I think that a great sense of humor is imperative.

I'd love to pass this award along, however, so many blogs are award free.  I'm going to ask that if you would like, please take this award, share 7 things about yourself on your blog and then pass it on! Thank you again, Candace!  I feel so blessed ~ <3


  1. I love to sleep in too but don't anymore, wish I could! Thanks for the comment that Ella has wise eyes because I have always seen that too! :D

  2. Congrats!

    I really understand that claustrophobic part more than you know.

  3. I loved reading your list and getting to know you better! I love love love fall and can't wait for cooler temps! I find clearing out the house to be wonderful. I've been hard at it today myself. I love seafood too...except Oysters. I never developed the taste for them...and I love to laugh more than anything!

    I'm so glad to have "met" you! Thank you for sharing these lovely tidbits about yourself. Have a great weekend!! Candace


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