Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~ Wednesday Gratitude ~

It's Wednesday already...and time to join Heidi once again to share our gratitude and blessings. I hope you will stop by her beautiful blog and visit as well as check out the others that have joined in!

My gratitude list is kinda short this week ~ but I'm certainly not short on being blessed.  One thing was this post, in case you missed it, Monday FunMy daughter and I had a wonderful day!
 ~ Air conditioning is also at the top of my list ~ we're back to the triple digits with a heat index warning through the weekend I believe.  It's just so hot that the forecast is 100+ daily and they all meld together. 
 ~ The internet is so fab ~ being able to connect with friends all over the world is incredible. I just have to remind myself that the written word is still very important.  Do you enjoy receiving "snail mail" as much as I do?  Of course, that means the fun kind...not the bills or junk mail.
~ Choices ~ I think sometimes this amazing ability is overlooked.  We have a choice each moment as to how we are going to spend our precious time and how we are going to respond to whatever. That blessing is huge when you think about other parts of the world and the limitations imposed on the people...especially women. So, in the words of Mary Oliver, "What are you going to do with (the rest of) this one wild and precious life?"

Have a wonder*filled rest of the week and weekend!


  1. Don't you wonder what we did without the internet? Not only do I research everything, plan trips, shop and read...I've met so many lovely people through blogging and a prior writing site I was involved with.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi Pat,
    I appreciate what you said about choices. Right now I feel like I need to make the choice to stay positive because I'm dealing with some junk that is not fun! But I know it will be okay, and it's all in my perception. So...I'm trying.
    Thank you for always having something encouraging and inspiring to add to the discussion at Wednesday Gratitude.

  3. Amen.....A/C is on the top of my list too....right along with internet and blogging buddies!!!!

  4. I don't remember the last time "I got a letter in the mail box"?
    I only pick up mail once a week now and most of it go's in the trash!
    Long live e'mails...and lets not forget the web-cam... I can see my kids any time I need to!
    Found you from "Heart and Home".. love your ramblings and nice that you and your girl had the time together....

  5. I have the same type of thoughts about air conditioning. I don't know who people survived 100 years ago.

    Yoli :)

  6. So sorry to hear about the heat wave you're having there...We had the never ending Summer and heat here last year, it was just awful!

    This year has just been the most awesome weather though, pleasant days and cool evenings...I am so VERY grateful for this!! Wish you were here to visit... we could sit by the pool and maybe have a little margarita therapy!!(saw your great post about that)!

    Yes it IS really nice to get special things in the mail, (love when a magazine comes!) I used to very good about sending cards via snail mail... and must admit that since getting a computer I've become more of an e-mailer though!

    Keep that A/C running and stay cool friend!
    Hugs, Sherri:)

  7. Just had this very conversation with my 13 year old very true, and we needed to be reminded of this.

  8. You are right Pat. Snail mail is fab. I need to work on that.

    Hope your weekend goes great.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. Hi Pat. Catching up with all my friends. I am glad for ac too:) I have enjoyed our heatwave up here....90 and above! They are melting up here. LOL!

  10. Thanks for visiting, I hope you try the sugared flower petals or sugared mint, it is very fun and young people love to help. Thanks for your gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for. I agree that having all of these wonderful bloggin friends is something to be grateful for. We end our day with scripture and then everyone says the best thing that happened to them that day, something they are grateful for and someone they served that day. It helps us focus on the good of the day and the good we can give.


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