Sunday, September 5, 2010

~ Getting To Know You ~

It's Sunday and you know it's time to link up with Keely again for GTKY.  This week is "Under the Sea" topic.  Stop by and link up or just view the other great blogs!

The Q's.

1. Do you like seafood?
Absolutely!  My very favorite food of choice ~

 2. Are mermaids hot?
Of course!

 3. Have you swam in the ocean?

4. If you got stung by a jellyfish, would you let a stranger pee on you?
Hmmmm, not so much. Honestly, I really don't go in the water that far any more. I was stung years ago and no, no one pee'd on me.

 5. Have you ever pee'd in the ocean?
I'm sure I did as a kid....I wouldn't now.

 6. Can you make a cute fish face? (Show a pic..if you want)
Prolly ~ :-)

 7. When you see the lobster tank at the grocery store do you just have this overwhelming urge to set them free or cook them up?
Set them free ~ I don't wanna think about the cooking part.

 8. Are you afraid of sharks



  1. Oh my gosh, you were stung before??? How much did that hurt ? WOW!

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. That was cute! I always want to let the lobsters free too!
    I hope your enjoying the long labor day weekend!

  3. Okay, so now I want to see that fish face! LOL

    I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  4. I'm a little scared of the ocean, too. Getting stung, eaten alive...oh no!!


  5. finally! Someone who loves seafood! i was also stung by a jellyfish or two but they were babies so no pain involved. just more of a warning.

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  7. yay for freeing the lobster friends! :)

  8. I love reading your answers and getting to know you better. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me It's good to hear from you again. I'm not a huge fan of Louisiana Cuisine...except the seafood...and well, we all know how that has turned out. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Julz. She's doing great! I hope you've been away from the computer doing fun stuff. I haven't been around very much either....doing some not so fun stuff. :0)

    Happy Labor Day to you ~ Candace

  9. I've been stung 3 times, the first time I was 2 and sat on a Portuguese Man of happened again when I was a teenager. When I got stung as an adult, my family thought I was just crying wolf until they saw the welts. I don't go out very far anymore either.

    I'd cook the lobster:)

  10. Interesting questions! So fun getting to know you better! Maybe I'll try this Meme sometime too!

    I love lobster and it's been way too long since I've had me some!

    After an Anniversary cruise hubby and I went on (years ago) we met a couple that lived in Maine, they had LIVE lobsters from there in Maine delivered to us! Totally shocked me when I opened the box! I was a bit afraid... but their claws bound so they couldn't snap at me, thank goodness! I tell ya, that is one gift I definitely won't ever forget! Very COOL!

    Have a nice week Pat, and
    thanks for stopping by to visit me!

    Hugs, Sherri:)

  11. Really fun answers Pat. These Q & A's are fun to read.

    I love seafood and could eat it for every meal. Yum!

    Happy Fall to you!
    ~Melissa :)

  12. LOL...cute answers...and I freely admit to peeing in the was wonderful! ;D


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