Thursday, September 9, 2010

~ Love Bombs ~

Come on, join me and let's Drop A Love Bomb!  It will be fun, you will feel good and you will cause positive ripples of LOVE everywhere!

The mission this week:  We are writing a handwritten note/letter of love and encouragement to someone in our own lives. Do it!  You'll be so glad you did....I promise. Come back and let me know if you did this and you can also post it on the website.



  1. It is a wonderful will I just follow through.

  2. Hi Pat,
    You are always spreading the joy and love around, aren't you? This is a wonderful idea, and yes, I will do it! I've already got a love note ready to go (to my eldest at her dorm room). Guess I might write one for the hubby, too. Maybe then I'll receive one? It's been a long time...
    Here's a little extra for you:

  3. Well Pat I didn't write a handwriten note. But like I mentioned before, I'm more of an E-mailer. So just a few days ago I sent an e-mail to my Mom with a picture of me blowing her a kiss, and a note telling her how much I love her. Does that count?!!

    I know it made her day, because when she got it she called me and had so much joy in her voice! Then she told me how beautiful I was, which of course made MY day too!!

    Hugs, Sherri:)

  4. That is a wonderful idea... Have not done one in a while so I may just follow your advice.
    Thank You for the follow

  5. what a good thing to do, if we all did this more often then everyone would be much happier. xoxo

  6. Well, I found a bracelet over the weekend that has the word "strength" on it. I just wrote a short note (by hand) and put it in a mailer with the bracelet. I'm sending it to my young mother friend, who is at the hospital with you 3-year-old with leukemia.


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