Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~ Random Thoughts ~

. We have had about 8" of rain just TODAY due to Hermine that struck the Texas Gulf coast. It rained more than buckets most of yesterday too. My brother lives about 40 miles south of me and it rained a bit more than 9" there. So much flooding in many areas...very sad to see apts, homes and vehicles just destroyed. Everything is "bigger" in Texas but this is a bit much!

. I slept like a baby last least one that sleeps predominantly all night. :-)  First time in almost a week and I just cannot tell you how refreshing it was!

. Had to go for my annual physical yesterday too.  You know, one of those where the stirrups are involved and you are assured that you just need to relax.  Yuck!  I did get a flu shot though and no reaction at all...and that's a very good thing.

. I bought a beautiful shade of turquoise paint to re-do a book case. Couldn't find the glaze I wanted to will have to go back for that.  The only problem is, now I'm questioning if I really want the turquoise or another color.  *head is spinning*

. Do you dislike the word verifications that are on some blogs?  I don't want to offend anyone but I so wish they were not used.  Sometimes I almost give up leaving a comment as the ding dang words are so crazy and I guess I don't 'see' them as well as most folks do.

. I have absolutely no energy or enthusiasm about things right now and I dislike that too!  Dr thinks it is probably my thyroid so guess we will find out via the bloodwork that I have to go back for. Of course, one has to fast for that don't they?  ;-)

. My nails just will not grow.  Any suggestions?  I so want pretty hands and nails without the fake ones.

. Went to The Flying Fish on Sunday with friends, my daughter & son-in-love. Had the BEST catfish ever!  Love,  love, love it!

. I did find 2 new candles that I love with fall fragrances at B&BW.  One is Spiced Cider and the other is Creamy Nutmeg. Hmmmmm, smells like fall here!

. I am so sad about this so called minister in FL that plans to burn the Koran/Quran's on 9/11.  Our military personnel are already in harm's way 24/7...this will endanger their lives even more and who knows what else it will stir up. I totally believe in Freedom of Speech, however, this action is just so dangerous to so many.

. I can only imagine how boring this post is to you.  :-)  I so hope that you will return another day and find more interesting subjects.



  1. It shouldn't be boring with so many subjects to choose from! That is a bunch of rain, maybe thats why you slept good! I love a good night like that too. The paint color sounds wonderful to me! I also hate word verification..a bunch! And music..slows everything down! I love gel nails..the way to go! Sad about the Koran...everyone should have respect for anothers beliefs! There..did I get it all? ;D

  2. Maybe you slept so well because you got the physical out of the way! I know I would.

    I like your random posts...lately I feel like everything in my life is just random, nothing to write home about, so to speak. Just keep writing, I know I enjoy reading your posts!


  3. I wasn't at all bored. I sleep okay, might wake up once in the night...but, I never wake up feeling refreshed, maybe those days are gone:(

    As for your nails, my mom swore by orange peel. She would eat it plain or candy it. Mine go in cycles. They are long and nice and then they all break off, and I start over.

    I saw some the weather in Texas...the tornado and the flooding. It is always so sad.

  4. Hi Pat!

    I'm catching up with my blog reading finally...or trying to catch up at least. I loved reading your random thoughts. I could relate to quite a few of them actually. Post a photo of your bookshelf when you get it painted. Turquoise sounds like a great color for it!

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  5. I love random posts. It is nice to see what other things people are thinking and feeling at times.

    Yummy catfish:) I love it. Couldn't find it up north so I am glad that I will be able to get it here in the south.


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