Monday, September 13, 2010

~ The Real To-Do List ~

Everyone is so busy and running from this to that all the time so I thought we could create a "real" to-do list that might offer smiles and ideas for relaxing along the way.  Here are a few I thought of:
. Smile at strangers
. Sing
. Notice kindness
. Eat ice cream
. Hope
. Count your blessings
. Laugh ~ very important!  :-)
. Keep learning
. Color outside the lines ~ honestly, coloring is great "therapy" !
. Walk and really notice your surroundings
. Surrender the "shoulds"
. Listen to music you love
. Watch movies that make you happy
. Dance
. Make a fort with the kids
. Leave love notes for your spouse, kids, family, friends
. Listen....really listen
. Buy yourself flowers
. Love some more!

Feel free to add to the list ~


  1. It is a great list...I actually do some of these things! I need to be mindful of doing more of them.

    Your comment on my 9/11 post really touched me. I can't imagine working for American Airlines during that time. I guess you would just get busy and do your job, but your perspective would be so different than the rest of us. Tragic.

  2. I believe you posted this one "just for me."

    I need to do more of these things.

  3. I think I just make make a fort with my little one today. It's been awhile since we made one and he loves it!

  4. I love your to do many good things to make us happy! I am always singing, even when I don't realize I am..happy heart I guess ;D

  5. I love this list Pat! So glad to see that I do just about all of them! I haven't colored in a color book for some time or built a fort, but used to alot with my son when he was little, and of course when I was little too!
    I have to admit that I would get upset if I colored outside the lines though! Need to work on the perfectionism thing I guess, especially since I'm FAR from it!!

    Thanks for the food for thought today Pat!
    Have a wonderful day!
    XOXO, Sherri:)

  6. This is the best "to do" list I've seen so far! Thank you!

    Hope you are doing well today!

  7. Great list... I am happy to report that I did eat some ice cream today; Check!

    You are so right... life isn't about the dot to dot that we do everyday... getting here and there... it's about the lines that connect the dots. Thanks for the reminder.

    And thanks for visiting the other day and for your sweet comments, put a smile on my face:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind note! How fun you are a CariKraft fan, too! I can't wait to place my Xmas cards that she sent me around the house, too. I love your to-do list ... I need to print this off and do this every day !! Thanks for posting. Take care, Becca

  9. This is a great list and we would all do well to take better care of ourselves and others. I am smiling and always counting my blessings. I do love to sing and married my favorite university dance teacher, so we have fun. Thanks Pat, hope you are well into this list too!!!

  10. Gypsy ... I just saw your note about my trip and facing my fear of flying! Congrats on such a wonderful career wtih AA ... I sure would've loved to have flown with you ... I'm sure you made your guests feel at ease and ensured a safe flight! Thank you for your kind words ... you're too nice! I really am glad that I faced my fear of flying. And, you're right ... we do have to force ourselves to step out of the box sometimes, don't we?! Thanks again ... and, I'm still loving your to do list! Becca xo

  11. These are all wonderful things that we should all do. It is sad that we have to be reminded to do it though.

  12. Hi Pat...

    What a GRAND list, my friend! I must admit...I am a list maker. I always have at least 2 or 3 lists going at one particular time. Mostly because I would forget my head, if it weren't attached! Hehe! None of my lists are as much fun as yours...guess I need to make a few "addendums"! It's important to NOT take life so least not so seriously that you can't enjoy the fun things! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites party, dear friend! It was such a pleasure having you!!!

    Hope you are enjoying our Labor Day holiday!

    Love ya,

  13. Good list. If I could only sing but I can't. I do count my blessing and I eat Ice Cream to. Trish


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