Sunday, October 17, 2010

~ Sunday Rambles ~

I hope that each of you are enjoying a beautiful fall weekend! The temps have been a bit warm here, however, the mornings and evenings are cool and sooooo enjoyable. Last Thursday the high was 74 and just perfect!  It's been a busy week and not sure where the time has gone. I have...
. been cleaning out closets and sorting clothes...putting summer things away and going through both summer and fall to see what to keep and what to donate.
. done a bit more fall decorating.
. had my  fur baby groomed, along with my daughter's.
. had a fun dinner and dancing outing with her and friends on Friday night. So fun!
. had lunch with a good friend.
. also done all the "usual stuff" like laundry, cleaning, etc.  Not really that fun ~ :-)

So....what about you?  I feel sure you have been creating, decorating, cooking, baking, painting, whatever.  Tell me about it!



  1. Like you, I am totally lovin' this fantastic Fall weather!!! Accomplished a lot this week - got my Aussie groomed, too. I still need to go thru my closet and do the "organize and purge"'s on the list for this week. But this afternoon....ah, I'm being a bit lazy (while the laundry is going) and catching up on blog reading! LOL. Hope you have a fantastic day, Pat!

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog..I really do appreciate them! Spent the weekend at work, nothing exciting here.

  3. Being lazy after a hectic month of teaching in the mountains.....

  4. We took Saturday and just did a short road trip/fall drive. I have pictures for Wednesday. Yesterday, we had friends drop by for lunch and other than that...I was lazy. So, no creating or decorating for me over the weekend!

  5. I love this Fall weather too and it does bring on the changing mode..I have been going through closets and giving away..such fun! ;D


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