Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~ Happy Thanksgiving! ~

I only have a moment as there are tons of boxes waiting for me to open them! :-)  Everything was moved on Monday. I cannot express the relief I felt when I left the old place. Felt as though 10,000 lbs had lifted from my being. I am totally exhausted but happy and I feel comfortable here. It is a very peaceful feeling to me and I'm so grateful!

Just want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate each of you and really, really miss checking in on your blogs and communicating. Things will improve daily so don't give up on me, ok? :-) Enjoy this special season of gratitude and share the love!


Friday, November 19, 2010

~ I Miss YOU! ~

It's been such a hectic week but very productive too. I have sooooo much accomplished and feel very good about it. My bedroom and bathroom are not packed yet but that will be done this weekend. Movers are scheduled for Monday morning and I am so excited to be outta here! The AT&T folks are scheduled for Tuesday at the new place so my phone, internet, TV will be operative.

I have really missed my computer time, reading your blogs, responding, etc.  I look forward to taking some "me" time soon ~ spending a morning or longer in my PJ's, have my coffee and just laze around blog land.  :-)

Have a wonder*filled weekend and enjoy each moment!

Monday, November 15, 2010

~ A Must See! ~

This is great!  No musical instruments were used in this Welcome Home at Heathrow

As an aside, I'm knee deep ~ almost neck deep ~ in boxes!  ;-)  I'm not sleeping and have been so on edge so the Dr wants to see me in the morning. I really don't have time to go but I will. I keep thinking..."one more day forward"....and today I've thought "this time next week I'll be outta here!"  I still don't know where the guy is so I'm always on guard walking Forrester or going in and out. That's no way to live.

Thanks a million for all your kind words and good thoughts. I'm so looking forward to being in a safe and quiet space. I should have some decorating to show you!  :-)  There's so much to be grateful for and this Thanksgiving will be extra special.


Friday, November 12, 2010

~ It's been a week....

...since last Thursday's unfortunate incident. I haven't been here at my place until last night. It's after midnight now and I can't sleep. I know I cannot stay here ~ whether the guy is gone or not. He has 30 days to abide by the eviction and has the right to challenge it.  A detective called me and charges were filed. Not sure yet if I will have to appear in Court or not.  I do know that I'm no longer comfortable and have elected to move. I found a lovely place in Bedford today. I seem to always 'return' to Bedford for some strange reason. :-)  I want to be out of here before Dec 1st so have a lot to do.

I so appreciate your support, love and kind words!  It means the world to me and I'm very grateful.  Not sure how much I'll be online....or if I have anything interesting to share....but will try to at least read your blogs and have time to catch up.

Today has been a special day to honor our military!  What did you do? 


Friday, November 5, 2010

~ I was assaulted! ~

I'm pretty fragile & scattered right now. I was assaulted yesterday afternoon ~ by a fellow resident here. He's "not right", to say the least....but I had no idea he was dangerous until this happened. Forrester and I were walking toward the mail area which is outside the club house & office. He came out of the club house area & was walking toward us. Of course, Forrester hates most men so he started barking. I keep him on the side of me nearest the wall so he's not in the walkway when we are near other residents. This guy comes over, stretches his arms open wide and then sorta curves them, leans down and makes these horrendous noises & yelling at Forrester. I told him to stop and, with my left arm/hand pushed back against him. He then hit me on the left side ~ arm area. I said, "Do not touch me again. Leave us alone!" He then did that thing with his arms and the noises again at Forrester. I told him to stop it and tried to move forward. He then stood up & started walking away. Said for me to keep that damn dog away 'cause he always barked at him. I went into the office and then collapsed almost. They called 911 and Randy, the security officer here. Randy is with the Ft. Worth Police Dept....lives here & acts as security. The Mgr came over from the other bldg. Long story shorter, police officer took the did the Mgr here...and then got all the info re: the guy. Officer said a detective would call me and charges would be filed & the guy would be jailed. The Mgr was also getting papers ready for eviction and asked Randy if he could come back to accompany the Constable that had arrived to serve the papers re: eviction. Found out a few more things about the guy and do not feel comfortable at all.

My daughter insists that I come over there for the weekend as did my son. I won't be staying here, that's for sure!  I have a lot to process and determine what I will do next.  The thought of another move sends me to another place ~ :-)  (Mel, I shouldn't even mention that, right?)  I did sleep last night, with the assistance of Tylenol PM, both doors blocked & a light on in the entry. Just need to get quiet and listen for guidance. The phones have been ringing off the wall and I'm exhausted. Just want this guy off the property and away from me & Forrester.

Not sure if this makes a lot of sense ~ :-)  I won't be online much for a few days. Thanks in advance for your good thoughts, etc.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~ Wednesday Gratitude ~

I've been at a loss as to what to post lately. I have been very busy and away from home a lot but I forget to take my camera and....I forget to take pics while cooking or baking. I'm not doing any DIY projects, painting or crafting, nor am I shopping much.  I think, "Why would anyone be interested in this or that?" so I just haven't been in the blogging state of mind. Does that happen to you?

I am very grateful though ~ for so much!  This is the month we focus on our blessings although I feel this should be a way of life.  A few items I've listed in my Gratitude Journal ~

. My grandson is doing well after suffering a light concussion while playing football.
. My d-i-l traveled safely to/from a business trip and my son has one upcoming so I will hold positive thoughts for him also.
. I won a gorgeous Witch's Hat from Jacqueline's fantastic giveaway at Purple Chocolat Home!
. The grands LOVED their Halloween cupcakes I made.  Yep, forgot to take pics ~
. My good friend went to Houston last weekend to see one of her son's and I picked her up at the airport on Mon when she returned. We had a great lunch with lots of laughs!
. My daughter & s-i-l had a rough week last far, so good this week.
. The Texas Rangers gave it their best shot at winning the World Series!  It was so exciting for everyone in this area and there is a huge celebration scheduled for them this evening.
. We have true fall weather right now, some rain & 40's & 50's. October was such a beautiful month...wish it could have lasted longer.

Wishing each of you a day, week and month of beautiful blessings and memories to treasure!