Friday, November 12, 2010

~ It's been a week....

...since last Thursday's unfortunate incident. I haven't been here at my place until last night. It's after midnight now and I can't sleep. I know I cannot stay here ~ whether the guy is gone or not. He has 30 days to abide by the eviction and has the right to challenge it.  A detective called me and charges were filed. Not sure yet if I will have to appear in Court or not.  I do know that I'm no longer comfortable and have elected to move. I found a lovely place in Bedford today. I seem to always 'return' to Bedford for some strange reason. :-)  I want to be out of here before Dec 1st so have a lot to do.

I so appreciate your support, love and kind words!  It means the world to me and I'm very grateful.  Not sure how much I'll be online....or if I have anything interesting to share....but will try to at least read your blogs and have time to catch up.

Today has been a special day to honor our military!  What did you do? 



  1. Pat you do what you have to do.Your safety is important. take care

  2. Thank God Pat your OK and moving...I really don't blame you I would not feel secure there after what happen...Hope you have a great weekend my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. You go girl...I am so glad you found another place! It won't take long and it will be so much better! :D

  4. I'm glad you are up for moving and found a place you like. What a tough, touch situation. I understand that you are fearful, I would be also. Hugs.

  5. Pat,

    I'm so sorry you've been through such a frightening experience, but I'm glad you found a place to go where you will feel safe and comfortable. So glad you have Forester and your kids close by to see you through. Hugs to you while you are packing up and moving on.

  6. Oh my goodness. As you know, I've been gone and have just been catching up a little at a time since getting home on Tuesday night. I had no idea this happened to you and I am so sorry. It must have been really frightening and I would move too. I hate it that you have to, but that guy isn't going to be to happy with you and I'd want to be a long way from where he is. I just hate it when our lives get messed up through no fault of our own, but maybe there will be some unknown blessing from this move...we can hope!

    I wish I could help you pack...but, I'm there in spirit (big deal-how does that help) and will keep you in my prayers.


  7. I am terribly behind on my blog reading and SO sorry to hear that you've been through such an ordeal. I think you're doing the right thing moving to a new location. Thinking about you here in SC...

  8. I was thinking about you and then I saw your post.

    Please keep us posted as to how you are doing and I hope you find a peaceful, safe place.

    Hugs my friend!

  9. HI Pat-

    Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment about my chandlelier re-do.

    So sorry to hear about your problems this week. I hope you can put it all behind you soon and get on with living your best life. From what I see on your blog you have a very positive outlook on life. Keep that in the back of your mind as you move on.

  10. I am sorry that you have to move again. I understand how stressful it is but you have a lot of support online. We are here for you:)


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