Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ Wednesday Rambles ~

I've missed everyone so much!  I do hope that each of you have had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We did!  The sad thing is that so many are very ill right now...upper respiratory problems, flu, sinus infections, ear infections, you name it. My daughter and good friends all got sick Christmas evening and it has been horrid for them.

I have been fine, except for my knees. I guess I sound like a broken record but they have hurt soooo bad!  Yesterday, I was in tears most of the day. Called the Dr and could not get in, nor today either. Hopefully, they can work me in tomorrow. We had a rainy weather front move through so it's obvious it really bothered is better but I'm being very careful.

Didn't sleep much at all last night...I remember turning off the TV about 4:30 a.m.  At 8:45 a.m. the maintenance man woke me up. Due to the heavy rains during the night and the slope of the land near my guest bedroom (which I'm making mine) there was water coming in the closet.  :-(  He moved everything off the floor and took the pad up. I then found water in the adjoining bath.  I've used a jillion towels today soaking that up. I wash & dry the towels and then use them again. Not fun!  The carpet company came earlier and used a wet vac. Said they will return in a couple of days to replace all the carpeting and pad in that area.

I still don't have everything in its place and that's getting old!  I'm sure you're sick of hearing/reading about it too.  :-)

There are always situations that are worse...the snowstorms in the northeast & midwest, fires that drive folks from their homes, accidents, etc.  I try to allow myself up to 30 minutes for my pity parties, cry fests, etc., when it becomes overwhelming and then I draw the line and get back to reality!

I'm so looking forward to an organized home, flexible/painless knees and a new year that will bring lots of laughter, love, abundance, joy and happiness.  I send you blessings and love!



  1. I don't know how you stay so positive, Pat. I would definitely be wallowing in self pity. How on earth were you able to mop up all the water and be on your feet all that time? I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope that you get into the doctor soon.


  2. I just hate flooding like that but at least you will have help and repairs. I too hope that your new year will bring every happiness, you deserve it! :D

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your daughter. We have seen a lot of flu and "crud" around here. Sorry to hear about your water problems. Maybe 2011 will bring great things for you. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Pat, Sorry to hear you're having some stormy weather in your life... hopefully things will be looking brighter very soon!

    Take care a you...
    Hugs, Sherri:)

  5. It's your blog to cry on, so why not? I feel for you with your knees. My Mom has terrible arthritis and fibro and that is her biggest complaint with pain. Glad to hear you are settling, you will get what needs to be done in due time. Sorry to hear about the water. Happy New year to you!

  6. I do hope 2011 ushers in a healthy, fabulous year for you and your family.

  7. Hi had asked me about my header. Yes I changed it myself. I have my pictures in Picasa, and I just made a collage, then added the was just that simple.

  8. I welcome you to the blogging world and am glad to have found your uplifting blog. I hope you have the best year ever.

  9. Pat! That's awful about the water in your apartment and that your knees aren't better. I am keeping you in prayer, my friend.

    Happy New Year to you! I count "meeting" you as one of the best thing about 2010. hugs, Candace

  10. Mornin' Pat...

    My friend, I just wanted to come by first thing this morning to say Happy New Year!!! My dear, I am sooo very sorry that you are having so much trouble with your knees! I'm praying for you, sweet lady! Ohhh my, and when it rains it pours...literally! Sorry to hear about the water coming into your home! I do hope that they will be taking care of all that for you!

    Well dear friend, I am so glad that we met this year! You and your friendship has been such a blessing to me!!! I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring for us! You hang in there, Darlin'!!! And know that there is someone in Colorado that is thinking about you and praying for you!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!


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