Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ Valentine Giveaway!

I had full intentions of hosting a giveaway for my 1 year anniversary here, however, the assault happened about that time then the move, etc. I reached 100 followers too and that made me so excited! Now I know those of you that have hundreds or thousands following prolly just laughed out loud at that statement. I don't have a lot of DIY things to share...although that will be changing...haven't traveled a lot in the past year or shared in tablescaping so I am thrilled that folks still stop by. I realize time is a valuable commodity so if you take a few moments to drop by, please know that it is immensely appreciated! honor of a 1 year blogaversary, 100+ followers and Valentine's Day let's get this show on the road! :-)

I'm not a "pink" person at me some RED!  I do know that there are many that adore anything to do with pink, including my daughter, so this is for YOU! 

I saw these plates and immediately fell in love with them ~ yes, I did! They remind me of spring, love, "happy" and serving something yummy to good friends & family.  I've added a few other items to the mix and will definitely add a few others before the package is mailed to the lucky winner. There are 2 tea towels, chocolate covered cranberries, Tazo Rest tea and Pomegranite soap at the moment.


Please forgive the photos!   Between my camera and computer....trying to edit....I give up! I am joining Beverly  at How Sweet the Sound for my first Pink Saturday!  If you haven't already checked it out, please stop by and see all the gorgeous pinks ~

For this giveaway you don't have to go to XY or Z and check out all their products & then come back and write a review. You don't have to tweet 'cause I don't. You don't have to turn in circles 3 times and then lie down either. I'd love it if you choose to follow but there are NO requirements ~ just sign up and enjoy!  I will announce the winner next Saturday, 22nd, at 12noon. I think that's a good time!


  1. So pretty! Congrats on breaking 100!

  2. Pat I'm turning in a circle three times anyway cause I love ya. He! What adorable Valentine plates. I have never had anything like them before. I would be thrilled to win your generous giveaway. I'm a loyal friend and follower.

    Happy weekend!
    ~Melissa :)

  3. Pat, your post really made me smile. I know what you are saying! ;) I do follow your blog and enjoy it. Your giveaway looks very fun and I would love for you to submit my name.


  4. Congratulations on breaking 100 followers! You have a wonderful blog, girl! love, Candace

  5. Pat, I can love PINK enough for the both of us! ( :
    Whoo hoo on 100! That is awesome!
    I am a follower!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. I do love me some RED, but I also love me some PINK, so about died when I saw what a wonderful giveaway you are having. I would love to enter and I am a follower. Congrats on breaking 100! :)

  7. Well, sign me up. I am a newer follower but I am here-lol Any body is better than NO body, right?

    For someone that doesn't like pink you have created a pretty PINKALICIOUS party here~

    I am a lot like you- I don't tweet and I don't twitter and I can barely operate my stinking computer half the I am...blogging away..happy as a clam in sand.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs- Diana

  8. Pat, you are such a sweetheart to offer a giveaway during the last few months that you have had! What a sweet thing to do. The plate is adorable and I love pink.

    Hope you are feeling better and have a good Sunday.

  9. I love me some Valentine of course count me in. Congrats on your 100....people come by because your sweet and you have a lil something to share...!~ Have a great day.

  10. LOL. I love that you are not requiring your readers to sign away their first-born! Happy V-Day!!

  11. I am so happy you got your followers. I love your most generous give a way and would be honored to be entered. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. What a beautiful giveaway. I am a follower and i would love to be entered in this wonderful giveaway. Thankyou so much.

  13. Oh, what a pretty giveaway! I don't wear pink often...I go for the red...but, I do like pink flowers and those dishes are gorgeous!

    I don't have the tons of followers that some have either, but one good thing about that is being able to get to know most everyone and touch base with them now and then! I am really glad you are here:)

  14. What a wonderful giveaway Pat!! I happen to love both pink and red, and I would jump for joy to win these lovely plates and other goodies!!
    Please count me in, and congrats on your blogging stats:D

    Big ((((hugs)))),

  15. Hi Pat...

    My friend, CONGRATULAIONS!!! Wow...what an awesome blogging milestone...1 year anniversary and 100+ followers/friends!!! I'm absolutely delighted for you, sweet lady! I am so glad that we met and have sooo enjoyed our friendship, Pat! Sending you many warm wishes for another year of blogging success and much blogging bliss!!!

    Ohhh my...what a fabulous giveaway, Pat! How very sweet of you! Ohhh yes...I love, love, LOVE those pretty pink plates...they're gorgeous!!! They would set such a pretty table! Love all of the other gifts as well...Mmmm...chocolate covered cranberries...sounds divine! Please throw my name in the giveaway hat! I'm crossing my fingers...and toes, my friend! Hehe!

    Congratulations and warmest wishes, dear friend!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. What a wonderful giveaway Pat! I love everything! Congrats on your 200 plus followers...your site is wonderful!

  17. Hi Pat,
    Thanks soo much for stopping by .. Soo wonderful to meet new bloggy friends .. what a FuN, Sweet give-away by you !! I will follow along as well, and again, I thank you for the sweet comments .. Happy day to you my friend ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  18. What a sweet give a way and for such a good reason too. And 100 followers is awesome! I will let the give a way go to someone else (I don't drink tea) that will love every bit of it! I love visiting with you, you are a very special lady! :D

  19. First of all, congratulations on your blogoversary (hope that's the right term, I'm not sure cos I haven't reach that on my blog yet). Secondly, congratulations on reaching 100 followers! I know I'll be excited too when my blog gets 100 followers! :D Thank you for stopping by my blog to let me know about your giveaway! I'm your newest follower!

  20. Dear Pat, what a wonderful giveaway, I would give those lovely items a great home!

    Congratulations on joining Pink Saturday, we are an awesome bunch of gals!

    take care

  21. Can you believe all this time we have been friends, and you were not on my list? I kept wondering why your blog never came up...and today I was fiddling around and I thought could it be I don't follow....WELL yes maam! Now it will take a day or so for blogger to recognize this and I won't miss a thing around here:) Have a great weekend.

  22. Pat, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the plates. I would just like to break 10 at this time.


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