Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ Are you ready for some football?

A dear friend of mine and I decided to get out and enjoy the gorgeous day we had here on Saturday ~ it was sunny, 75' and a beautiful tease for spring. We went down to Sundance Square ~ a delightful section of downtown Ft. Worth that we both dearly love!  A lot of money was put into this endeavor years ago to enhance Ft. Worth and allow folks to be downtown in a safe, well lit and delightful area. Lots of restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, theatres and Bass Hall. Police and security are on bikes and are all over the place ~ not that there's a need to but just because. Anyway, Ft. Worth is hosting the Steelers for the Super Bowl...Dallas is hosting the Packers. Here are a few snapshots we took ~

The greatest state....and my favorite city hosting Super Bowl XLV ~ Feb. 6, 2011

Omni Hotel where the Steelers are staying ~ a "Welcome" gift of a handmade saddle is in each player's room. Blew me away!  An awesome gift from the city but what will they do with them?  :-)

Another view of the Omni ~

Flags waving on a building ~

ESPN workers setting up the stages ~

"Hi, my name is Pat and I welcome you to Del Frisco's!"  A superb steak house ~

Two Ft. Worth Diva's ~ :-)

This is in a room adjacent to the Omni's Bar ~ was bright sunshine and we didn't think to use a flash so sorry for the poor quality on the next few pics.  A bit of Ft. Worth history to share with you though.

We had a fun time....walked about 3 miles which was really good for us, especially as we had lunch at Mi Cocina's.  OUTSTANDING restaurant for mexican food!  Again, apologies for the poor photo quality on some pics but hope you enjoyed!



  1. Whoo hoo!!~ Looks fun...you look so pretty too:)
    Today I received something so very special in the mail...you will just have to wait and see what I did with it:) X0

  2. Looks like you gals are having a great time!

    We have a Del Frisco's in Louisville, KY. They have great steaks!

    Have fun!

  3. How cute are you! Love the tour! What a difference a few days make...now we are knee deep in snow! Only in Texas...lol!

    Love Mi Cocina...I could go for some queso and chips right now;)!

  4. Thanks for sharing all these pictures! And I think you are such a pretty lady my friend :D

  5. Great coverage! Looks so much fun and exciting as well!

  6. Great pictures, Pat! And...OUR team, THE PACKERS, are playing there on Sunday. It is a green letter day here in Green Bay, WI. We sooo want to bring that title home to Titletown! It looks like you two had a lovely day...and you are just a gorgeous lady! Hugs- Diana

  7. Aw, I love Fort Worth so much! Sundance Square is awesome! Del Frisco's.....the best meal I've ever eaten. The little outlet mall that useta be down there....I loved to shop the Spiegel store. Great photos...great memories! You are looking good, girl! I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Stay in and stay warm. I think your weather has changed drastically from the weekend, hasn't it?

  8. Two Ft. Worth Divas indeed!!! You go girls!!! Wasn't it beautiful this weekend? I too got out and enjoyed it. Not so much now though huh? Now we have to stay inside by the fire!!! :) Great photos of my favorite town!!! :)

  9. These pictures are great....I love the first one...isn't that awesome?
    My daughter lives in Dallas and you know I have never been to Ft. Worth....we keep intending to go but just get busy in Big D. I do love Mi Cocina's....
    Daughter told me that the ESPN setup has been rather deserted....that's so sad! I hope the weather gets better....NOW!

  10. You look so cute! I am glad that you showed a picture of yourself:) Glad you had fun.


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