Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~ Blog Highlights ~

This is a new feature I'd like to try.  I've been discovering some wonderful new...or relatively new...blogs and just in case you are not aware of them, I want you to be! 

Have you ever had BBQ Pineapple Ice Cream?  You must try it!  Check out Lisa's post over at  House DressingVery unusual and sounds delish!  I love the touch of "hot" to it...offering a little kick to all the sweetness.  Lisa has a beautiful blog and she's very talented in the kitchen as well as designing very unique features in her home and garden.

Another blog you just must check out is  Cindy's Fractured Fairytale Of course, if you've read Miss Mustard Seed's blog today you've seen the incredible painting Cindy did of a cow. Now, being in Texas, we see cows all the time.  I don't believe I've seen one this beautiful!  Cindy has had an outlet to sell her paintings, however, there's been a change so she's seeking new avenues to sell her beautiful creations.

Please stop by Lisa's and Cindy's!  You'll be so happy you did....I promise.


  1. This is a wonderful idea, Pat. I will check out the links!


  2. These both sounds great and I will check them out!! Thanks for the links!

  3. Hi Pat, found you at Cindy's...I've become your newest fan. We have much in common.....see you again...I would love to follow you along on your journey.



  4. I'll check these blogs out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Pat, I am blessed and honored to be your first feature! Thank you so very, very much!


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