Friday, July 8, 2011

~ A few things I'm lovin! ~

 This is my first time to join in with Tidy Mom and her Friday meme.  Thought I'd share a few things that I'm really lovin' right now.

If you haven't tried L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Color ~ you MUST!  There are many colors and the first one I bought is "Teaberry".  Love it!  To be honest, it really doesn't stay on the full 10 hours that is advertised, however, it stays on a very, very long time.  The center of my lips is the area where it fades but perhaps that's just me.  You apply the color on clean lips, wait 2 minutes and then apply the balm. Oh, that feels great!  This product is not drying to the lips like so many others are ~ I really think you'll love it too.

Another product that it is wonderful is by Vaseline.  It's called Vaseline Daily Body Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Gel. Just apply to damp skin right out of the shower....don't dry off!  It's cooling and refreshing in this Texas heat and is very moisturizing to one's body. 
 Vaseline Intensive Care Vitalizing Gel Body Oil with Brazillian Nut and Almond Oils is another product that I cannot do without.  It's simply outstanding during the winter...or anytime your skin feels dry and parched.

What are you lovin' these days?

I was not compensated for any remarks in regard to these products.  This is strictly my opinion!


  1. I love the big bar of Lavendar Soap from France I just purchased at Tuesday Morning. It smells heavenly! I like shower gel but there is just something luxurious about a bar of fragrant French milled SOAP!!

  2. we don't have either of the two last products here in Canada,, we always get them a long time after they come out but I like the look of them,, thanks for sharing,

  3. Hi Pat! Thanks for your reviews :) I like most Vaseline products and I LOVE aloe and apply it like crazy in the Summer, so I will have to try that one out :)

    Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend! XoXo

  4. Hello! This is the first time I have visited your site and it is wonderful. I love all the insightful, introspective thoughts.I will definitely be trying out the Aloe Gel from Vaseline. I live in Las Vegas, and dry skin is a way of life, but I am always looking for something new that will work. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, I am going to try the Vaseline gel1 I remember my mom buying a fragranced gel from Avon and keeping it in the fridge. It was a "special treat" when she let me use some.

  6. Hi Pat..well, I am loving your loves here..will be looking for some of these next time I go over the mountain! :D

  7. I'm not sure what I'm lovin' right now...but, I think I'll try these products that you are!!

  8. I am going to try the gel too...winter or summer! Thanks for sharing your "loves"!


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