Friday, July 8, 2011

~ Justice for Caylee ~

You know, I've been in a funk this week.  The Casey Anthony trial was agonizing I think for everyone. I really didn't watch the proceedings daily ~ was too grueling for me and made my heart hurt.  My head too!  When she was found "Not Guilty" of murder or the other 2 lesser charges, I was absolutely stunned!  Honestly, it is baffling to me at how the jurors reached their decision. I'm told they didn't have access to all the "stuff" that we were exposed to via the media. If not, why not?  The child was missing for 31 days and the mom was out partying. Was that not a clue for the jury that there was something very wrong?  WHY didn't the grandparents press for information?  I guess there are a 1,000 questions I'd love to have answers to but probably never will.  Also, the fact that she will be released from prison next Wed really, really bothers me.  The defense attorneys have stated that she will need bodyguards.  Caylee didn't have any protection ~ why should this monster?

Ok, ok, I do know deep within that I'm not here to judge Casey or her family but I have a very hard time understanding this situation and our judicial system.  Something is very wrong and how can we fix it???  There doesn't seem to be any justice for Caylee here on earth...there will be in Heaven, we know that for sure! 


  1. Pat I am with you on all accounts. It truly made my stomach hurt for poor little Caylee. Where is justice for this poor little soul of life that never had a chance?

  2. It's very hard to imagine that the jury could find her not guilty, but maybe we need to blame the prosecutors. They had the info we had and more. As my husband, who is an attorney said, you can't give someone the death penalty for lying. I feel badly there wasn't more proof. Let's pray this woman never has any more children and doesn't make a dime off her story.


  3. I think people who do not have any understanding of dysfunctional families are more surprised than most. There is SO much dysfunction there and most likely abuse. 'Strange' seems 'normal' to people who use bizzare coping mechanisms. The police did not do their job right and now we will never really know what happend.

  4. I completely agree with you. If not reporting your baby daughter missing after 30 days is not child abuse/neglect, than I don't know what is!

    I've tried to understand how this all can happen and how she doesn't face anymore time in jail, and it just hurts my heart that this has happened.

    I've only run across a few people that actually agree with the jurors decision and they are basically condemning those that are "judging" her and this whole mess. I don't think we are judging I think we are trying to understand and cope with the decision.

    I hope this weekend and coming week finds you feeling better :)


  5. I have been very involved in this case for 3 years.....I am sad to say the least with the just appeared to be so obvious! Poor sweet, precious, Caylee!

  6. I got sick to my stomach when I heard the verdict on national tv and I still get sick when I read about the poor little angel, Caylee. I hope this murderer makes no money and if she gets book deals, it is OUR responsibility to not buy them.



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