Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~ Help! Send ice, rain, cool air please ~

This heat is just brutal! It was 112' yesterday and is expected to be worse today. I know I sound like I'm harping on the subject but hey, we're 40 something days of triple digits here!  We have severe drought conditions and this is so hard for farmers and cattlemen in the state plus we must cut back on water usage everywhere.  There's such a drain on the power system that everyone is asked NOT to use any appliance, etc., between 3p-7p.  I take Forrester on long walks early morning and late between, it's just a quick run out the door and back.  I am sick of being inside so much but so very grateful for A/C!  There have been several deaths in the area, one a high school coach on Monday. Football practice was going on and they were taking scheduled breaks. He collapsed on the field....leaving behind his wife and 5 children, one of which is a student at the same school.

My daughter's birthday was yesterday. She requested a chocolate pie and I did make one, even started with a couple of pictures. However,  I forgot to take one of the finished product. If I'm over there again before it's gone, I'll make one and share. 

If you so choose, send prayers for a rain dance!  :-) 


  1. You would think the Devil would call and want his weather back!

  2. I feel your pain :( We live in the Mojave Desert and we always have triple digit Summers... we never used to have humidity here, it's was always a dry heat but not anymore, we now have 115 plus humidity. Today I'm sitting in a 90 degree house trying so hard not turn on the A/C.


  3. WOW. That sounds awful!!
    I hope you get rain soon!!
    And I agree HORRAY for A/C!!!

  4. Yesterday my post started with "The Heat is Brutal". I realize today that you live in the Greater Dallas area as do I. And, there's not let up in sight and we really, really need some rain!

  5. Your weather is awful. I feel bad for complaining when ours only gets up into the low 90's..the humidity here is wicked though. Wish I could send you some rain-that is one thing we have had plenty of this year.

    I would pay to see a picture of any pie left over after 2 days!;>) Wouldn't happen at MY house! xo Diana

  6. I think the pie melted really in that heat. OH my it is brutal here to Pat. I sure am longing for Fall. I wish it could stay Fall all year round.

  7. Pat, As I was reading you post, I am reminded that it is HOT and HUMID in Mississippi too. As I read your profile, I think we are twins seperated at birth! We like exactly the same things. I am a magazineaholic also!!!!!LOL How funny!

  8. I had one day where it was 88 degrees at midnight with no air-conditioning and I thought I was melting!! I hope you get rain and cooler weather. Stop by and see our garden post it might cool you off just a little. I'll take winter anytime.


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