Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~ This 'N That ~

Do you have days that are just flat frustrating?  I'm in the midst of that kind o' day so if you don't want to read further, I understand.

~  Trying to connect to a "real live person" at companies these days is almost impossible! I want to throw the phone when you are reminded to go online at and blah, blah, blah. Going online does not always provide the answer you're seeking. I am trying to find out information in regard to my cell phone contract...simple, right?  I've found it online in the past...not now. It takes hours it seems to stop in at one of the AT&T stores....cannot get a real person on the phone...what are we to do?

~  Next on my agenda is to try and find a reasonable place to get a haircut for less than $50 and does not require me to drive 30 miles. I'm retired...I have to watch those pennies.

~  I did go for a mani/pedi today. The girl that I like is absolutely fantastic and I just go into another zone while she's working on me and the chair is massaging my back and I have ice water to drink.  Today, a woman came in for a pedicure and they placed her in the chair next to me....why, I don't know. There are 10 positions, all empty at the time except for mine. This lady wrestles her bag, paper work, envelopes, phone, you name it for about 15 min, all the while talking about it.  She asks the technician if she has about an hour....the girl says yes so she proceeds to connect to a conference call!  I gave her a look that could have killed someone in Iraq!  I do not go anywhere to be a part of some one's conversation or conference call. Thank Jesus, (this is not sarcastic...I thank Him all day long) I was almost ready to go to the drying table. It blows my mind that people think everyone else should be subjected to their calls.

~  I just read Alison's post at The Polohouse and she mentioned Blogger, trying to respond to all the blogs, post, comment, etc.  I so understand!  I think that we just have to do the best we can, when we can.  There's no way that I could paint, cook, bake, build, design, photograph everything and post daily.  I honestly do not know how folks do it...especially those with kids.

~  I would like to know why some bloggers still have word verification turned on?  You can still approve each comment prior to it posting if you like.  It is such a deterrent to having comments, at least I think so. It takes so long and if the first word doesn't work, then here we go with another.  Bottom line, it is not necessary and is very frustrating.  OK, now I will say Yes, it is your blog, not mine!  :-)

~  Another thing is not having an email addy to respond to when someone is nice enough to comment.  I strive to respond to each person that is kind enough to take the time to come here and leave a comment but sometimes it's just not possible.  The little photos that are under the "Followers" section often do not lead to the person's blog and that's the end of that.

~  I see that Blogger has a new "interface".  I am trying it for the first time ~ will see if it all blows up or my monitor melts.  

~  So many folks are already decorating for Fall and I love it!  It's still hotter than Hades here so it's a real effort to think 'cool' when it's 104'.  Aren't you exhausted with me mentioning it? I definitely am!  I do apologize too ~   I'm not in a constant state of PMS...don't have that anymore but perhaps it's hormones???  :-)

IF you have read all of this, you are truly amazing and I thank you!  I thank you BIG!   

Next post will be something positive ~ I promise.  :-)


  1. Pat, I am with you 1000%, and I feel I am less patient and more irritable since menopause. I keep blaming hormones, and I do hope they calm down soon for me. The word verification is so annoying. I turned mine off back when I started. I hope your day goes much smoother into evening! xo,

  2. I agree with you totally and enjoyed getting a chuckle from your descriptions!!!

    I want to relax when I get a mani/pedi and don't let them turn on the roller/massage ball things on the chair....please just let me be still and maybe read....ha

    We have a new AT&T store that is really great. There is a person at the door to ask you what they can do for you and put you in the proper line (usually there isn't one) They have many more employees than the old store and it is great.

    I pay $40 for a haircut...but she sings the whole time she's cutting and that really bugs me...silence please!

    I don't know about the new interface??? Haven't seen anything different. Let me know about it.

    Fall decorations....don't think so. I'll do good to get some Christmas ones up/lol Luckily I live at the end of a driveway and no one sees the house unless they are coming to visit. (those people know I don't decorate)

    Whew, it's been a long week since I got to read blogs. I seem to have a lot to get off my chest too.ha

  3. Pat, I just want to give you a hug. Any one of those things you listed would be enough to set me off...especially if I was hot. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, sweet friend.

  4. This is just too funny... well not really funny, but your sense of humor is great! I share many of these annoyances with you.

    It seems every company has an automated system these days. They are such a pain! I just keep saying "representative" until it finally sends me to one, and that seems to work pretty well.

    The word verification annoys me so much. It's like, how many people really get "spam bot" comments that they feel the need to turn on the verifications! I often mess up my blog, so if I ever accidentally turn that on, let me know ;)

    I hope you have a great rest of the week and an even better weekend and Holiday! XoXo

  5. Hey, Pat! I stayed with you and read the WHOLE thing! :) You touched on so many things my brain can't remember them all! LOL! We reached 107 today! It's been awful!

  6. I think I would have asked to be moved if I was not ready for the dryer, that is so darn rude and it seems so many people are CLUELESS about ANNOYING other peole who are ALSO spending good money!!!! Sorry, you got me started:):) I totally agree with you on all points! XO, Pinky

  7. I try to fit in what ever I can with blogging. I guess what I'm trying to say is enjoy the good things in life and don't worry to much about the small stuff.

    Next time bring ear plugs for your mani/pedi.


  8. Hang in there dear. I so agree with the cell phone etiquette. I absolutely hate it when I have to listen to another person's conversation. So incredibly rude.

  9. just found your blog and enjoyed it, thanks for sharing. I had a hard time geting time to comment each time as I would like. (Hugs)


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