Saturday, September 10, 2011

~ Happy 9-10-11 Everyone! ~

And it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  :-)  It will be warmer today but still not that triple digit stuff we've had for months and it's cooler at night.  Yay!

Have you ever made an Ice Cream Cake?  My gson's birthday is on Monday and that is his request. I've ordered them but never made one.

It's been a crazy week here. A long-term family friend passed away and the services were yesterday. The family is doing well and that is a huge blessing!  She had been ill and had dementia so it truly is a blessing for her to be in a better place now.

I hope each of you are happy and doing well!   Let's all pray that there are no terrororist attacks this weekend. Hopefully, the memorial services tomorrow will go as planned with no problems.


  1. I once made one for Father's Day years ago. It was from a Betty Crocker recipe, devil's food box cake and vanilla ice cream from the square box. Just be sure your cake is chilled (actually slightly frozen) when adding the softened ice cream, wrap tightly in plastic and freeze 4 hrs. Then add whipped cream and decorate in a cold room! xo,

  2. I didn't know you could make your own ice cream cake. I've bought them at DQ but that's it. I guess I would do a search on the good ole internet.

  3. I make one that is really delicious - rice krispies, peanut butter, and corn syrup make a bottom crust. Fill with vanilla ice cream (or whatever kind you like) and top with a fudge sauce and freeze. Amazing.

  4. My dd has made them a couple of times. I think they are a bit more labor intensive than a regular cake...but OH SO GOOD- Better than DQ's really!

    I smiled at work this morning when I wrote 9/10/11 for the first time! xo Diana

  5. I hope tomorrow is peaceful as well. It's all so sad and I can't believe it's been 10 years. So sorry about your friend.

  6. I pray the service goes well.
    I saw the site/memorial on The View and it so very beautiful.


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