Friday, September 16, 2011

~ Technical Problems ~

Normally, I would blame this issue on me ~ the most UNtechnical person ever.  However, I do believe it is AT&T and/or Blogger.  I know I had emails this they are all gone and I didn't delete them.  A random post showed up and I did delete it.

Bottom line, if you emailed me and no response, I apologize!  Will be checking this out. Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!


  1. Having problems too - will wait for tech support (16 yr old son) to help me out.

  2. Thats funny, was up early and thought I clicked the wrong spot and lost my e's?? Thanks for the heads up because I thought I lost mine (head that is!)

  3. Pat, I hate when things like this happen, I start thinking I'm crazy, and I may be, but the internet/blogger is crazier!! Hope you get it all worked out.

  4. That is so frustrating! I hope you can get that fixed quickly and without too much aggravation. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like maybe you have a virus on your computer. Last week, half of my post disappeared! Good luck getting it fixed, cher, and have a great weekend!


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