Saturday, October 15, 2011

~ Blog Highlight ~

Halloween junkie?  Cookies?  Charlie Brown & friends?   IF you haven't been by Lisa's,
The Enchanted Oven, you must stop by and check out her blog!  She is an incredible artist when it comes to decorating cookies, cakes, whatever.  Pop over there now and get in on the fun!  Take the time to look around...she has all sorts of decorated items ~

** Lisa, I borrowed one of your photos to share!


  1. Ya gotta love Lisa and her beautifully decorated cookies.....and I can vouch that they taste as good as they look! :) xo

  2. You are right!! So amazing....thanks for sending me her way!

  3. How cute is that ?! I love Charlie Brown ... perfect for the holiday season! I'll visit for sure!

  4. Good grief Charlie Brown, that's one great looking cookie!

  5. You are such a sweetie! Thank you so much - sending you a big old cookie hug.


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