Saturday, October 1, 2011

~ Resolved ~

 Thanks to everyone for your comments re: the items for sale.  All resolved now!   :-)


  1. Pretty Pat! Great deal...hope you can sell them, if not try Craigs list.

  2. Craigs list is a great selling place.
    They are very pretty and I'm sure you would have no trouble selling.
    Good luck..

  3. They are very pretty...good luck selling them, I am downsizing big time! It seems easier to sell things now with so many places on the internet to do so. :D

  4. They are very pretty, the comforter set is a steal. I am sure they will find a new home. Thanks for stopping by to see my front porch.

  5. A very pretty set ~ hope you are able to find a new home for them soon!

    Your apple pie looks so delicious! Yum and so perfect for this wonderful autumn season.

  6. good luck....very pretty....bound to sell!


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