Monday, October 24, 2011

~ Furniture Painting Suggestions? ~

I am "almost" a furniture painting virgin.  Yes, I know....that is really strange isn't it?  :-) I have done a few small items like tables but nothing big, nothing like this! 
I've wanted to paint this armoire for a very long time. My first inclination was to paint it black but I'm not so sure now.  From everything I've read, most of you love the ASCP but in my opinion, it is difficult to choose a color.  I see a "grey" mentioned, however, then the person says it's more taupe.  A blue or greenish shade seems to look like the opposite color.  I really need help!!!  Now, I know a ton of you love white ~ I'm not there.  I can't say that I would be happy with a definite blue or green....perhaps a grey?  But it's gotta have some sort of highlights or glaze I think.  See, I'm all over the place and I know it!  Perhaps I should just go and look at regular paint samples and see if anything appeals to me. I just thought it would be easier NOT to have to do a primer, sand, etc.

I have a cherry red love seat and a huge black and white ticking chair with ottoman. The accents; pillows, tables, decorative items, etc., are black, red, animal prints, a bit of silver and gold, etc.  There are a few touches of yellow in art work as well as sage green.

This is the armoire with the doors closed:

 Doors open, showing the bottom portion of the unit.  The books to the right are some of the group I've been sorting through. :-)

 Ok, all you pros, hit me with your best shot!  :-)

P.S.  I will take a few snapshots of the entire space tomorrow when the sunlight will help the photography and post those. Should have thought of that before posting but I didn't.  ;-)


  1. FUN !! And, you know me ... I love the Old White ... by chance, could you snap a pic of the entire space to get a better feel for it? You truly would love chalk paint ... I promise you!

  2. Hi Pat,
    Catching up on your posts. Great cookbooks, congrats to the winners!
    Glad your tests came out well, good luck on the rest. I don't think I could give myself a shot, you are brave!
    I am not One to give advice about painting. So many times when people show what they have done, I like the before better!
    I know there is a lot of prep work involved so it doesn't peel. I like cooking prep, not painting!

  3. How about painting it red, then paint it black over the red and sand off the edges so the red shows a bit? I'd do the inside red or silver. I love wax as a final finish to give it patina.

  4. hmmmm...I just had a thought for you. Benjamin moore makes a paint with the primer in it, go to one of their stores and pick out some sample colors. I would get a better feel too when I see the rest of the room. I know you are like me and love color, so white probably would not make you to skippity when done.

  5. You've got yourself a project!!
    I think I'd go to a paint store for expert advice. Tell them the colors you like and they will come up with the solution. Good Luck! Keep us posted on the progress. It is a beautiful piece of furniture.

  6. I think the suggestion to get some paint samples is a good one! You don't necessarily have to stick with ASCP colors; you can even mix your own "chalk paint" and use any color you like. I think black furniture is always classy, but if this is a very BIG piece, it may be a little overwhelming. A muted shade of another color you have in the room might be just the ticket!

  7. You might want to try Ann Sloans Chalk Paint... it's wonderful for painting such pieces of furniture... it also does not require priming or any special touches... Check out her web page for paint colors ... you will be surprised at how easy it is... in fact, check out this blog, she is doing it right now!
    I have used this paint and was very pleased!
    Good luck

  8. Hi Pat! With the colors you have I think a blueish gray would be gorgeous. Frankly, I am so sick of reading about ASCP posts I could upchuck. But I guess if it so popular it must be for a good reason. No Minimalist Here has a great way to make your own version of it on her website. Good luck!

  9. Pat that sounds like a great project! I am not as brave as you. I have never painted a thing so far. I like your idea of black. It would be sharp and black painted furniture seems to be timeless.

    Show us the results when you are done! :)

  10. As a hater of painting and lover of how it looks when finished, I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. Go with your gut feeling on the black... like white it goes with everything, is all ways in style and very forgiving if you 'goof up'. Black furniture that holds stereo and TV stuff (that is typically black) makes them seem to disappear, and this is a good thing since they are not what you want to focus on anyway. To dress it up you could go with gold, silver, or glass door pulls, I would not use gold or silver paint to highlight anything because you will be re-doing it depending on style changes, and 'colors' also go in and out of style too often (remember the burnt orange from the 80's, mauve and french blue from the 90's?) I have never used chalk paint before, but like the idea of not having to sand or prime, there is a color called Graphite that looks black... you might want to go with that. I hope this helps... it might not be the most popular suggestion, but I think is the one that will keep you from having to redo it a few years down the line when styles change.
    Good luck with your project

  11. I see that Debbie suggested the BM paint with primre. Go over to Robins at She has used this paint on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! She loves it and can help you I'm sure! Tell her Pinky sent you. XO, pinky

  12. I think grey would be a good choice. It's less harsh than black. Maybe a charcoal grey would be pretty. I saw the ASCP in charcoal and it's quite beautiful.


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