Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~ More About the Painting with Pics ~

I've been reluctant to show photos of my space as I live in an apt...not a huge, spacious home. I'm retired and don't need as many "things", nor do I have the extra cash to spend frivolously but here we go!  Picture overload so be warned ~

This is to the left of the loveseat ~ disregard the box in the hallway...donations that are leaving today. This table was found at an antique store and painted.

And to the right ~

This is the wall to the right of the armoire ~ there's a wine cabinet there, thus the sign. ;-)

This is the base of it ~

The picture frame was made by Kristen of Kristens Creations

More of this wall ~

My 'huge' chair that I love...but takes so much space ~

And the ottoman with Forrester's blanket...he's at the lower right but turns his head when I have the camera. Just like a child!  :-)

This is a short wall in the dining area ~ it's behind and to the right of the chair.

I love this quote!

This is the larger wall to the right and behind the dining table.  I'll show it another time ~ it's full of "stuff"....decorative items, candles, pillows, etc. that I haven't decided where to put them.
The next 3 photos are the entire wall if that makes it easier to visualize.

So maybe this provides a little synopsis of "me".  You can tell I love color, funky and fun. I don't follow design trends or colors or any "shoulds" about decorating.  I'm not a formal person now at all ~ just want my space to be happy and comfortable.

Oh yes, the buffet needs to be painted also!  It's an antique piece, sort of a walnut color.  Any suggestions for it and the armoire are most appreciated.

Now.....would you like a glass of wine before you leave?  ;-)


  1. Yes please to the glass of wine. Pat my house is the size of a shoebox and the setup is very limiting. I have still made it a pretty home, and you have as well! I love what you have done with it so far and the quote on the wall is fantastic. I shall be stealing it! Whenever anyone seems doubtful of a decorating idea is when I forge ahead - it tells me I am outside the box and following me heart.

  2. Ok here is my two cents worth on color. I can see a mustard color. The last picture that is on the wall, is what popped out at me...that would be my inspiration right there. LOve your place Pat, is just perfect, and yes FUNKY and fun!

  3. Your home is lovely! I love the red and black theme and your gypsy soul and personality definitely shine through.

    Whichever color you decide to paint your armoire, remember, it's just paint. If you don't like it, you can always repaint it another color. Go for it!

  4. Your place looks wonderful and inviting! I love that you have your personality in your home. Too many houses I see on other blogs look like copy cats of trying to achieve the same look of some magazine or Home Decor show. It is so BORING!

  5. I'll have white wine please! I love your home. The red sofa is perfect...love all the pops of color! I think you have wonderful things and it is fun to see more about where you spend your time. When I take pictures around here, I seem to only see the big television and cabinet and the lamp plugs!

  6. Hey Pat, your opening sentences could have come out of my mouth, too. I don't have the sprawling kitchen with countertops that you can lie down on :) or the huge center island, I have a poorly designed hutch that I regret buying but it was the one that matched the table and chairs! I hope to get some decor photos up soon before it is Christmas!! And yes, I will definitely like a glass of red! xo

  7. Pat I love your place. It is so fun and FUNKY! I love your pops of colors. It is so perfect. Love it.

  8. Pat, very nice space, you have really made it your own! Since you have and some black and red how about painting the piece black? Black is a nice neutral, sophisticated and you would avoid the white that we all seem to use. Good Luck....Laura, Cottage and Broome

  9. Yes, a glass of wine, please! Luv that red sofa and the fun and funky accessories. It all shows off your great personality, my friend!

  10. Pat, your home is absolutely beautiful. I would love to visit you sometime.

  11. Pat- What a sweet, lovely HOMEY place you have. I love it. It is YOU! I love all your bits and pieces and I think you have a great eye for putting it all together.

    I think black might be a good choice for your piece, Pat. You have bits of black here and there and it is a nice "backdrop" for displaying and with black it kind of fades into the background and doesn't visually take up so much room....for whatever THAT is worth! xo Diana

  12. Oh Pat, I just love your place! From the red love seat, to the wall decor, to the wine cabinet. What fun and so charming! And yes, I would love a glass of wine, cher! Cheers!

  13. ooh! I love your style! You have some cute decor!

  14. Yes mam, I would love some wine, white please. Love that red couch/loveseat. I had one once upon a time, and wish I still did. I think a small place is cozy, and I love cozy!!

  15. hi Pat.... I ust had to thank you for the wonderful package that came in the mail... my Southern Living Cook Book is wonderful!!! Thank you so much! I know I'll be using it all the time!
    As for color in your home,, I'm so the wrong person to be asking about color... my entire townhouse is white... white everything except for accessories in apple green and burnt orange.... I really need the sign on your wall,, about wine. My daughter collects signs, anything that talks about wine..lol
    As for the size of your home,,, small is better cause I'm so tired of walking up and down the stairs and my howme is only 1600sf.
    Thank you again for the wonderful Cook Book. You made my day!!!

  16. Pat! I'm so happy to see your beautiful living space. I LOVE your vibrant red sofa and all of your fun wall accents. They are right up my alley. I adore the silver lamp too. The initial fram looks perfect. You did a super job on everything! I can't wait to see the painted armoire. It will be a lovely addition.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  17. Pat, I love your house! I actually think cozy is better, and I am going to come over and steal that cute sign about madness and boredom! LOL! Loved that.

    Thanks for sharing with us...



  18. It looks cozy and warm. I applaud you for not following design trends but going with what you like. I think that is the best way to go.

  19. What a charming home you have!!! I LOVE love LOVE your wall art!!!! And yes, please! I would love a glass of wine. White....ANY kind!

  20. I adore your new home and all the color you have used. The red really pops. I love all your pretty crowns. It's a fun and happy space.


  21. I'd love a glass of wine, Pat !! And, I LOVE your home ... it's full of life, color and personality (just like you) !! As for your armoire ... I gotta say that black just might work ... you have light walls which allow your black fun pieces to bounce really well. Take a look at Annie Sloane's Graphite (beautiful black). What might REALLY be fun would be to paint a coat of Annie Sloane's Old White followed by a coat or two of the Graphite ... then, sand in spots, revealing bits of the white here and there before adding the clear wax. Just my two cents ... whatever you decide to do will be fabulous, no doubt! xo

  22. I loved this look into your house. It seems like the perfect size for you. You're right. It does showcase your personality.

  23. Hi Pat...

    I just read the sweet email that you sent and came right over! Of course, you know that decorating and design is right up my alley! Hehe! Girlfriend, I really enjoyed the tour of your living room! It may be small but it's really beautiful! I love, love, LOVE your red soft and black & white ticking chair! A fun combo!!! Ohhh...and I also enjoyed getting a peek at all of your wall art! GORGEOUS!!! You have some great pieces, my friend! In fact, I could go shopping at your place! wink!

    I guess I may be a bit confused. I know you are wanting to paint the armoire but are you also thinking about painting the living room walls? Anyway, with the red sofa and black and white chair...I think your armoire would look great in black...and it would also look fabulous in french gray! Since it is a larger piece of furniture...the gray would keep things "lighter" in the room! I would go with your "heart", dear friend! It knows best! There's one thing to remember...paint is just paint...and if you don't like it...you can do it over. Maybe you should consider painting it gray! If then, you don't like it...you could go darker with the black. A darker gray...charcoal gray...would be really pretty!

    Hope that helped, sweet lady! I wish you the best with your design decisions and have lots of fun! Your living room really is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Love ya,

  24. A lovely home! Funky and Fun is the best :)

    Your minestrone Soup looks fantastic too and just right for this chilly, rainy weekend forecast!

    A joy stopping by!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  25. It was a treat to see your lovely space Pat! It's one of the fun things of BlogLand, seeing where others live. I love that your home has personality. :)

  26. I love all of the color and texture! You have a real talent for display. You would totally yawn at my house where walls are mostly bare because I don't know what to do! I esp. like your crowns and the cute lampshade with the fringes on the bottom.


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