Saturday, November 5, 2011

~ Crazy, Busy Week ~

This is a good description of me this past week!  

I wanted to thank you for stopping by or emailing....for all your good thoughts and prayers. I had an appointment or something else scheduled each day and really have not been on the computer except for a couple minutes.  I had 1,971 emails this morning!  Took awhile to delete those that were not important and I still have not responded to those I want to. Please bear with me, ok?  :-)

I met with the cardiologist on Thursday for the results of the tests I had the previous Friday. I am extremely grateful ~ he said the heart is strong and there are no blockages. There is, however, an underlying "something" that is causing the EKG's to be abnormal.  One thing he said that is a possibility is if I have old fillings and/or crowns...they could be leaking and that goes into your blood stream. So now, I go to the dentist to see about that. Also, have to work on my cholesterol & triglycerides.

My mammogram appt was early Wed morning. Long story short, the girls at the reception desk were severely lacking in customer service skills and I waited forever. Once they finally took me to the back to change clothes, etc., that room was also packed. I asked about the wait there and it was going to be close to another hour.  Nope, not for me!  The girl said I was 'welcome' to return later as they started again at 1:00 p.m.  The technicians were all at lunch between 12-1p so she said I should be back at 12:30. I asked her why I should be back then when they were all at lunch...she responded that I could be seen at 1:00 that way. I told her no, I could understand returning 5-10 min prior but the additional 30 min wait was unacceptable.  I left and joined friends for breakfast. I tried calling the facility manager in the afternoon but they said she was in a conference.  I waited until 5:15 and no call back so got online and contacted the corporate office. Within 10 min of sending my email, a lady called from that office. I explained the rude behavior, the waiting, etc.  She apologized and got the manager on the phone also...the one I had been waiting on to return my call. One comment made was this was their busiest time of the year. I told her that was not my was theirs for the way they were scheduling ladies and that I had made my appt over a month ago.  We had a lengthy chat and I am to return early Mon so we shall see if things are improved!

My daughter put up 3 Christmas trees Monday evening and did a lot of decorating. :-)  I took one of her dogs and mine to be groomed on Tuesday and it was fun to see what she had done. She and a couple of her friends did more decorating today ~ that girl LOVES Christmas!

We had our first frost yesterday morning. I turned on the heat the night before just to make sure it was ok....nope, cool air and would not shut off. Finally got it turned off and called the office yesterday morning. Then it was like a swinging door here while they did the inspection and then repaired it.

I honestly don't know where the week went. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you and see what exciting things you've been doing ~ cooking, painting, sewing, decorating, etc.  IF you got this far, I appreciate your reading!  I'm always excited to have you stop by and leave a comment. It's like I've been missing good friends all week. Hope everyone is warm and cozy and enjoying the weekend!


  1. Hi Pat! Glad to hear the ticker is good. Hope your crowns and filling are too. I know what you mean about the waiting for the mammo thing. What I went through last year, I refuse to again this coming year. I was called back for an ultrasound, after the girl did it, it took the DOC 45 minutes to come in the room.Oh and this is after the fact I had already been there two hours waiting to begin with. Talk about anxiety, I was ready to jump off the table. I don't understand their scheduling process either and making people wait hours. Hope your next week is better.

  2. I am glad your heart has no blockage. I am a bit stumped about the fillings though. I work in a dental office and we no longer do the silver fillings, but we have many many patients who have old ones in their mouth and they don't have heart issues. I hope you find out what is going on. I go to a really nice place to do my mammogram and after your ordeal I am grateful for my office. I hope you have better luck on Monday and I hope you have a clear and perfect mammogram.

  3. Hi Pat, I was happy to see a new post, I have been thinking about you and test results, etc. and was getting ready to email you!! You certainly had an extra busy week. Glad nothing showed up, and I hope you get your mammo on time Monday. xo

  4. Pat, I hope and pray that all is well with your heart and that it will be an easy fix. Glad you don't have a blockage!

    I need that sign. I WANT that sign. LOL! My life has been swirling around, and I am running like a chicken with my head cutoff.



  5. So happy to hear your heart is strong, that is the most important first part of all the testing. And I know about waiting, it's hard enough to get tested but when they have you sitting around, well, that makes your mind wander into places it just should not go!
    I had my Echo and Sono done this past Friday, they did every major artery from my head to toe.. good to know I still have no blockages. Talking of my getting the new'st hi tec pacer but I'm just not wanting to have it done gets to the point where you have had enough of their digging into you. Interesting though, I'll go from a bedside monitor to a hand held one that will follow me like my iPhone.
    Time to think about Thanksgiving and all that we are blessed with. But then I'm blessed all year.
    I had all my fillings removed three years ago.. my doc said the same thing!
    take very good care of yourself Tracy. Will be following your progress.

  6. It is just not acceptable the way they function at the mamography center. I hate it when a doctor's office wants you there 15 minutes EARLY so the YOU don't keep THEM waiting. SHEESH.
    What a week you had.

  7. Glad to hear that your heart is okay. I know how scary that can be to just NOT KNOW! Scary to think fillings, etc., can do that, isn't it?

    Sorry about your wait at the mammo place. One of the hospitals here has a guarantee - you will be seen within 15 minutes of your appt time or your appointment is FREE. yeah..kinda keeps them on track!

    Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday and get some rest! xo Diana

  8. What a week and I'm happy your heart is fine! Rude people! I hope you have a much better week this week, Pat! :)

  9. I'm happy to hear that you don't have any serious heart problems but I hope they get to the bottom of the irregularities.

    My doctor's office has a policy to notify the front desk if you have waited more than 15 minutes. I never have. I love that rule. I'm glad you stood up to them, Pat!!


  10. Fillings were the problem.....oh my, I am in trouble! I have fillings from many, many years ago...
    I didn't know you were having problems. I must have missed something. So sorry.
    Good luck Monday....I hope they don't take and frustration out on you and your mammogram, Ouch!!!!

  11. Pat glad you hear your heart seems to be ok. Dealing with medical "professionals" can be so frustrating at times. I hope your appointment goes smoothly this time and you pass with flying colors. Will keep you in my thoughts, Laura - Cottage and Broome

  12. Wow, Pat, you truly have had a crazy week! I'm so glad your heart is okay, but sorry about your mammo craziness! Here's to a much more relaxing week this week!

  13. Glad to see you posting again... and that your heart tests are good. I hate the dentist, so I wish you so much luck there and hope they get to the bottom of the issue. You have had a stressful week and hope this week will be better! Hugs to you, keep us posted.

  14. What a frustrating time you've had! I'm so sorry! It's good news that you got the good report from your cardiologist. It's interesting that it might be your dental work. I need to read up on all that. Hope things go smoothly with your mammo. It's unpleasant and anxiety ridden under the best circumstances; but, when you add the drama of the inconsiderate medical staff, it makes it that much worse. Sending hugs and love to you! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I'm so glad your heart is okay. I knew you had a good heart. I'm a little upset to hear that about fillings, as I also have quite a few old metal ones. That is scary. I can't wait to see how that turns out.

    Good for you for standing up to the mammo women. The scheduling these days is unreasonable a lot of places.


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