Thursday, December 29, 2011

~ I've Been Hacked! ~

I guess this should be "X Rated"....I'm so angry that I continue to have problems with my old email. I have tried to advise everyone of the new email addy and I changed it on my blog, etc.  My sincere apologies to any of you that have received SPAM.  It's disgusting and a definite waste of time.  After I get all my contacts moved over, I'm going to delete each one on the old addy.  Hopefully, that will resolve the issue.

Not a good time for this to happen....I guess there really never is though.  I shall return!


  1. I saw a spam come through today and I just deleted it. Now I noticed when you commented on my blog today I could not reply back to you...that will be a bummer because I always like to have a quick last say LOL!

  2. I saw a spam come through today with your name on it also.

    So sorry.

  3. What a pain!! It is not personal and no one takes it so. It can happen to any of us. Just sorry it happened to YOU!!!

  4. But, Pat....are you SURE you don't want a bigger penis?;>) I hate those idiot spammers- xo Diana

  5. Yes, I received one today and it was a Canadian drug company selling viagra. No use to me, have no man to give it to! lol xo

  6. Got didn't seem right so I deleted it right away! Good luck!! ;D

  7. Don''t feel bad. It happened to me months ago and my family and friends received such nasty e's from me... It also compromised my FB page, so bad that they shut me down for a week. And a few of my charge card companies sent me e's... took me a month or so to sort out!
    Such a shame the hackers are so smart.. but it will end soon!
    You will be starting the New Year out fresh!
    Happy New Year

  8. I got one too - I think the best thing to do is when you see an email with no subject, delete.

  9. I got a good one from you.....don't worry, I new it was from hacker...

    I changed my password and think (so far) it solved the hacker problem I was having!


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