Friday, December 16, 2011

~ My Christmas Boy ~

I took my boy, Forrester, and my daughter's dog, Maddie, to be groomed yesterday. I wanted to take a few pics of him and, as usual, he hates the camera!  I had to get little bites of chicken to entice him to pose a bit and he still managed to turn his head. 

I think this is good, however, his eyes look funny ~ not sure why they look this way as they are beautiful and brown. He does NOT have cataracts! 

"I'm not sure the chicken is even worth this ordeal.  She keeps dragging out that camera!"
(Please disregard the Christmas decor in the back...still figuring things out.)

"Let me try looking the other way ~ "   (See, his eyes look normal in this pic.)

"I really don't think the chicken is worth it!"

He was trying to write a letter to Santa later.  I'm sure it wasn't pretty regarding his Mom. ;-)


  1. Awe, that pretty boy! Sophie said he is really good lookin, and she would love a play date with him.

  2. Your little doggie is adorable! Is he a shitzu? Very cute. Hope he gets lots of doggie treats. xo

  3. Oh Pat, that just made my day!!! What a cutie pie!

  4. LOL- He is just like every other KID in the world! He sure is cute, Pat! Love that little face. xo Diana

  5. He's so cute, Pat! Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. : )

  6. Hi Pat... can you tell me the breed your little guy is? I've been in the mode of finding a little dog for myself but just don't know what breed would be good? I'm a large dog lover and my last dog was a Rottie and Sam, was my baby until I moved from San Antonio to Florida. It broke my heart to give her away. (a breeder took her as a guard dog for his German Shepherds)... so since my HOA will only let me have a small dog your little guy just melted my heart!
    Lovely photos...
    Happy Holidays

  7. He sure knows he a pretty boy.. He is just a cutie pie...

  8. LOL So cute! I have one of these too, they are quite the personalities1 :D

  9. What a cutie! So glad to see others are still try to figure out their decorating! LOL! I still have random piles that I haven't decided what to do with yet!
    Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

  10. Smile from ear to ear over here in SC. What a cutie pie indeed.

  11. How cute and adorable! He's such a handsome boy! :)

  12. Oh Pat, he is adoreable! Maybe he's just shy!! I love Shitzu's, I had one for 16 years! Love the photos of your boy!

  13. He is a most handsome pup! I think you did a grand job getting these photos! Dogs just warm my heart :)

  14. hey I wasn't able to comment back on your blog comment about my teal buffet....but the color you asked for is "Aruba Blue".....its a Benjamin Moore color! Glad you liked it! Jennifer

  15. So cute...I love when my dog has just been groomed. They smell so good!

  16. Hi Pat,

    Forrester is so adorable!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  17. Darling dog! He is so cute, hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  18. How sweet!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.....

    Busy days around here, not enough time to blog!

    See you soon.


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