Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ Saturday Smile ~

To say I'm a bit frazzled is putting it mildly. :-)   Tis the season, right?  Seriously, I was not in a good place on Tuesday due to the bankruptcy announcement by AMR.  I do realize that we, as humans, are not in charge...God is. He will handle it in a perfect way.  Early Wed morning, my daughter's oldest dog, Coco Chanel, had a seizure and was very ill. She was 17 so we knew time was limited with her, however, it doesn't matter how long you've had a pet, it's never long enough. We took her to the emergency hospital and she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It's very difficult to adjust ~  I did thank her for choosing that day as Thursday was my birthday and I would not have wanted it to happen then.  I had a wonderful day of calls, cards, emails, etc. and feel very blessed to have such incredible family and friends.

I went over to the apt office to pay my rent and spoke to the manager. She's new and a very nice person!  I advised her that my lease renewal forms had not been received and we discussed that. I asked about having lighting outlets/ceiling fans installed in my bedroom and the living room. She said of course, they would contact an electrician right away. It's so weird that there's only 1 ceiling fan and it's in the room I use as an office/art room.  I really want a pretty chandy in my bedroom so now that will be possible.  The biggie??  I asked to have all the cabinets painted ~ the kitchen and both baths. They are currently an oak ~ so 80's and yucky, IMHO. The painters are due here Monday morning!!  I just cannot wait to have them finished....they will all be white.  What I must do is remove EVERYTHING from all the cabinets!  Just like packing to move ~ which I did twice last year and it's not fun. The end result will be so worth it though!  I feel like a kid at Christmas with these improvements ~ so fun. :-) 

My daughter & s-i-l put my Christmas tree up last Sunday and then she decorated it. I'm still adding ornaments but the rest of the decorating will have to wait  until after Monday. I just love the twinkle lights on the tree ~ they are clear and so peaceful to me. I love turning off all the other lights and just enjoying the tree.

I haven't really had time or felt like reading blogs and responding to everyone so please forgive me for not dropping by. I will be better after this house "re-org".  :-)  I'm grateful for everyone that takes the time to stop and leave a does make my heart happy!

Have a blessed Sunday ~


  1. It's a crazy world for sure...and I am sorry about the dog. White cabinets sound great, can't wait to see pictures! I love to just sit and soak up the tree also! Have a good week. :D

  2. Oh, I'm sorry about the doggie, our pug Ben had to be put to sleep last April too, he was 13 and very sick, I still miss him so. I'm glad they're painting your cabinets, great. Can't wait to see. Have a happy Sunday. FABBY

  3. So sorry about the dog. It is too quiet just while my dogs are at the groomers. It will definitely be a big adjustment. All of this stress of the redo in your apartment will be so worth it. I can't wait to see.

  4. I am sooo sorry to hear about the grand-dog! I know for a fact there is nothing easy about that, having been through it. Anyhoo, congrats on the re-do's. This may be The Good Lord's way of distracting you from your worries that He is taking care of? Take lots of pics and show ASAP!

  5. I am so sorry about Coco. Losing a pet is so difficult - they are like family to me. Nothing like a spruce up around the home to give you a lift. I am a huge lover of white kitchen cabinets. Any oak that passes in front of me gets the treatment.

  6. Sorry to hear about the dog, Pat. White cabinets will be so much fun! Have a great week!

  7. It's a big job but you will be SO happy when it's done! My son works for AA....I am praying too! God has a way of working things out!

  8. It will be worth it in the end. You'll really be smiling then!


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