Friday, February 24, 2012

~ 25 Things ~

I'm so anxious for spring ~  these roses just make me happy!  I'm not looking at the chocolate ~ :-)

Korrie at Red Hen Home recently posted her 25 Things and I thoroughly enjoyed it so thought I'd try too.

1. "Hi, my name is Pat and I am totally addicted to Pepsi." I have no idea why it calls my name so often lately.

2. It appears as though I'll have my last physical therapy sessions next week. It has been a challenge but oh, so worth it!

3. Holly, the therapist, recommended getting knee braces. The right patella is doing good, the left one "floats" and will not stay in place. Anyway, yesterday after therapy I went to The Brace Store nearby...they fitted me, explained the details, etc.  Cost?  $100 bucks ~ for one.  :-(

4. Today Holly agreed with me that the cost was exorbitant ~ after all, it is not a custom made brace. She found some at a Medical Supply source online....$8 each.  Yay!

5. I absolutely love sandals and I'm already seeing such cute ones in a couple of stores locally.

6. I'm ready to plant some seeds and anxious to have flowers and plants outside.  Flowers in abundance make me so happy!

7. I actually bought a bouquet for myself this week at the store...only $4 and so very pretty.

8. My grandson's regional track meet was yesterday...actually lasted until 11p.m. last night. He won 1st place in 3 races! Between the 2nd and 3rd race, he competed in the long jump and was 1st there too....then turned his ankle. The trainer taped it and then he ran the 3rd race. He's such a great athlete and amazingly handsome!

9. Do you have difficulty deciding on paint colors for furniture? I'm in such a quandary.  I have 4 pieces to paint and just cannot make a decision. I think I'll buy paint for one and then see how I feel after it is completed.

10. I'm boxing up a lot of decorative items...not ready to give them up yet. Right now they feel "heavy" to me.

11. Hearing the dishwasher and it's grinding like a piece of heavy equipment....hmmmm.

12. I will never, ever understand why people sit a very long time waiting for a green light to change and, when it does, they continue to sit. When it's a protected turn, few cars can get through. I want to yell at them that it's not gonna get any greener!

13. And....why do people drive slower than even possible and stay in the left lane?  It's like they are in another world...or on the phone. 

14. I'm a native Texan and have lived here all my life.  In different cities, but not outside the state.

15. The ocean and a beach are like therapy for me. I am craving time to spend walking the beach, finding sea shells, reading a good book and having Cabana boys bring me drinks, etc.

16. My brother and sister-in-love volunteer in cities after natural disasters. They spent several days in Joplin, MO, after the horrendous tornadoes swept through there. A friend and I are collecting clothes and food items for them to have on hand, just in case.

17. My high school is having a Reunion in April. Notice I didn't say what year!  :-)  Actually, it's for everyone that has been out of school for XX years.  Do you think I could lose 40 lbs, have a face lift and a new wardrobe in time?

18. I could eat rice in any form or fashion. I'm really working on having only brown or wild rice now.

19. There's no wreath or decor on my front door at the moment...highly unusual for me. That should be corrected don't you think?

20. For some reason, I'm loving shades of pink this season...deep shades, no pastels. I've never been a "pink" person so I think this is weird.  Perhaps I'm the weird part here!  :-)

21. I just love bloggers that are "real" don't you? They show their homes that are actually lived in, the projects that don't turn out perfectly and they don't spend a ton of money on things. There are lots of talented and creative people that do so much it seems with very little.

22. Going to a thrift store is so fun I think!  I always get excited when I find treasures that cost very, very little.  That helped a lot with my wardrobe when I was working. I found Ann Taylor skirts for $3, shoes, jackets, sweaters...items with tags still on them. 

23. My mother loved Easter (really, all holidays). She passed away just prior to Easter Sunday in 2003. It's been difficult for me to decorate or really get into it like I did prior to that.

24. I'm striving for consistency with my daily gratitude lists. I was in a yucky mood for awhile with all the renovation problems here in Dec & Jan and then the knee problems. I find that staying in gratitude makes everything better!

25. I did have a pedicure last week and my toes are turquoise. Really fun ~ 

IF you made it through, thank you so much!  ;-)


  1. So fun to get to know you a little better! When I get a pedicure (which doesn't happen often enough)--my favorite color of polish is purple!

  2. Pat-I read every word. I love all these new things I now know about you...well, except for the year you graduated. I think we are about the same age. I missed our BIG reunion in 2006 but they are trying to get another one together this year.

    I may do this 25 thing post one day, too.

    ps. I never get pedicures. I have a couple of really ugly toenails~ xo Diana

  3. This was fun, Pat. I learned a lot more about you. My mom passed right before Easter in 2002. It was the last holiday that no one had died close to, and my mom and I used to say it was the only one we could be happy with. xo

  4. I like your list. And you made me think about a bucket list. I have got to make one. I get a pedicure 3 or 4 times a year and its usually when one of my daughters come to visit. And its always so much fun. One of my daughters LOVES the color turquoise nail polish. And she not only paints her own, but two baby grandaughters (her nieces) and mine etc. etc. She makes me laugh.
    WE lived in Texas 22 years and loved it. We feel the drivers are a whole lot better at driving than in any other state we've been in. The drivers drive us crazy here. With the exact same gripes as you.

    And while I'm commenting I want to THANKYOU Pat for coming and commenting on my Mardi Gras Table blog post. It means alot. Let me know about your bucket list. Right now a cruise to Alaska is getting to the top of mine. I know if I write it down it will eventually happen.



  5. What a great list. I think these sort of things are good for our souls and well being. I recently started doing My Happy List on Tuesdays because it makes me stop, think and figure out the things that I AM happy about instead of focusing on all the bad or depressing things going on in my hear and in the world. It's good for me and it's not easy. Glad to see your are doing this, I think you will come to love and look forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I painted my toe nails that color last year, loved's almost time to start looking for cute sandals and I just bought 4 new bottles of polish too! I too love Pepsi, with lemon and a little cranberry juice, my treat everyday! Easter...such a wonderful time because of Jesus Christ's resurrection, it gives me hope. :D

  7. I enjoyed reading your list, Pat & feel exactly the same way about several items...esp. the drivers on the phone!!!

    I want to thank you for your earlier link to the Daily Om. New site to me & I really NEED it!


  8. Oh my goodness Pat, I wish PA and TX weren't so far apart because we have a lot in common! I really loved hearing about these little snippets of your life. You are so right about gratitude - when I get down about something I start a list of everything I am blessed with and it turns things around in a hurry.

  9. Pat, I enjoyed reading this post so much. Thank you for being so real with us. I found myself nodding in agreement many times when reading this as I can relate with so much that you've shared here. If I commented on everything that I was thinking while reading, I would take up all of your space here so I'm just going to tell you that with 4+ inches of snow on the ground overnight, I'm thinking my toes need to be turquoise too. That would definitely lift my spirits! Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful lady! Much love!

  10. Thanks for sharing yourself. Your toes are making me jealous. My feet look so bad right now. I have calluses on calluses. For your furniture you might want to get the chalkpaint samples. It was easy to use in David's room. I am glad your knee is better and things are looking up. Now go get that wreath and Pepsi. :)

  11. I love reding these loists, I may do one too! I am hooked on Caffeine Free Diet Coke, I gae up caffeine about 10 years ago but can't let go of my soda. WISH I could just dring water. Hope your knees are better. XO, Pinky

  12. Hi Pat~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE your blog header!!

  13. Love your 25 things Pat.. think I'll try it next. Hope all is well with you....

  14. I did make it through and loved every minute. I am with you on the left lane drivers. They are nuts. My MIL died on Ash Wednesday. I loved her so much. Lent now has a different meaning to me. Sorry about the knee...hang in there!

  15. These are fun Pat! Thank you for sharing! Also thank you for your beautiful comment over at 21 Rosemary Lane. I so appreciate your stopping by and leaving it for me to read!

  16. Hi Pat, enjoyed reading all of this info about you. Most interesting. So glad to see your feeling better. Sorry I haven't visited sooner, I haven't been in blogland very much lately.

  17. Now I want turquoise toes! Pink, now that is surprising. But you love color, so pink is part of that family too. Get a wreath on your door, buy some sandals, and plant those seeds..whoo hoo Spring is coming my friend.

  18. Hi Pat,
    I enjoyed reading your 25. I hope the $8 braces work well! I have a reunion this year, too. They get more fun, don't they? Even without losing weight or anything - it's good to reconnect.

  19. Well, that was fun. I can so relate to the feeling at the beach. It is my "happy place". I just wish I got there more often. I also enjoy bloggers that keep it real and I try to be one of them. A turquoise pedicure sounds fun!! I'm so glad you found the knee brace for so much less!

  20. Hi Pat, Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comments on my flowers and kitchen. You're right, fresh flowers are the best! Glad to see you're from Bedford, I taught school in Southlake for a period when we lived in the area while my husband was in school. We're headed back down soon for a little shopping trip...I can't wait! Sorry to clog up your comment page, but your comment didn't come to my e-mail for some reason so this was the only way I knew to respond.

  21. I have never met anyone with turquoise toe nails. I suspect you are an original and I really like that. I hope you have a great evening.

  22. Turquoise toes, how cool is that??? :) I'm ready for spring, so I'm thinking hot pink! I may have to add that to my to-do list this week!

    Thanks for coming by and visiting, and for leaving a sweet comment! ~Now following you!

  23. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! (You could give a girl a big head!) ;) Truly, I appreciate it.

    My love of Mexican food comes by me honestly. I'm not a native Texan...but my dad is! Still have tons of family there all over. Both my parents went to Baylor, then they married, my dad went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, then my brother was born in Ft. Worth. (Years later my sis and I were born---2 different states.) My parents are going back for my Dad's HS reunion in a few months (# of years withheld, too...haha!).

    My oldest son (5th grade) was on the Cross Country team this year and last. He LOVES it. That's fantastic about your grandson! (Except I cringed when I read he turned his ankle! So sorry.)

    Thanks, again! And I hope your knee heals soon! (By the way, your email isn't connected to your blog profile so I couldn't reply to you by email...might be intentional (network security?) but just FYI in case.)

  24. Hi Pat,

    Wow! That is one wonderful list. I think I know you even a little better. I'm glad to hear your knees are a little better. The brace should help a lot. You are a sweet person and it shows.



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