Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Ramblings ~

I don't think that I can say that I've been working that hard...but it feels like it!  I baked a cake last night for the grands. I had forgotten that the bundt pan I used was a bit smaller than others and about half-way through the baking process, you guessed it!  I smelled something burning....yep, the cake was overflowing. I hurriedly placed a cookie sheet on the rack underneath and good thing I did...a LOT of the cake was burned. So today, I've cleaned the oven. A thrill?  NOT!  :-)

I'm not sure of the "why" but I seem to have several projects going and nothing completed.  Do you ever do this?  I see so many that post their wonderful talents and here I am, 1/4 or 1/2 way through something...or everything. How do you do it?  Perhaps I'm just totally unorganized?  I used to be exceptionally organized...and really, in a few areas I still am. I haven't been home a lot this week so I think I'll use that excuse!  :-)

The weather is gorgeous although we're about 10-12 degrees above the average for this time of year. I could live with months of this and be totally happy!  Just so wonderful to see sunshine daily and be able to enjoy being outside.  Flowers?  No, that's one of my "to do" items. :/

A good friend of mine had a stroke last week. She's doing well now, out of the hospital and in a rehab center to assist in therapy. Of course, none of us think this could or would happen to us but it is a wake-up call for sure! Another friend had a medical procedure on Tuesday morning so I picked her up from the surgery center and took her home. God is good 'cause both are ok!

My high school reunion is drawing ever I prepared?  No! Should I be fretting about it?  No!  I honestly don't think that many will appear younger than I do, I know a lot will have grey hair or no hair, and some will have gained weight. Ok, then why am I concerned?  :-)  Unless a person has had a ton of cosmetic surgery, we will all have changed from those days of sock hops, (dating myself for sure!) proms, cheer leading, football, track, you name it.
Funny how we still want to look the same when that's not really possible.

A dear friend was here last weekend from the Lubbock area. It's always so great to spend time with her. She assisted in a workshop in Dallas over the weekend, however, we got together last Thursday and then again on Monday. So much fun!

I hope you've had a wonderful week and look forward to a fun and safe weekend!  It's so great that we can do more outside isn't it?


  1. The cake mishap..been there, done that! You have had a busy week..the weather is real nice here too. Don't worry at all about the class reunion, you won't know who half of them are and you are so cute, they will all be wondering how you did it! ;)

  2. Still too soon for us here in NY, even though it has been a mild winter. We can still get a frost till mid May. You Southerners are all done by then, and we are just planting.
    I am your newest follower, I thought I was following already!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. We have been in Summer for about
    three weeks now and all my blooms
    are up...
    As for your class reunion.. "go"!
    I wish I could have one.. I went
    to 13 schools and had to get my
    GED when I came back to the
    states before college.. I don't
    even remember school friends..
    so sad!
    Don't work too hard or think
    too hard.

  4. So good to hear what you have been up to! Don't feel bad - I have plenty of projects in the works. I just roll with it LOL! I have a large yard and extensive gardens and it takes me a full month of working on it every day to get the spring clean up done. As for your class reunion, I have two words for you - Argon oil. It is amazing on the face, hair, and hands. I am a believer!

  5. I think we get so caught with WHAT we DO we forget to BE! I know that happens to me. I told my husband I could work all day long EVERY day for MONTHS and still not get everything done I 'need' to do! And in the end - it's just there to do again.

    I think you're doing GREAT!!

  6. We're having wonderful weather as well. So pretty! Don't feel bad about your lack of finished projects. For every one I finish it seems like there's 5 waiting in line. Actually 5 may be a conservative number. And that's not counting client projects. Just my own! LOL! Hope you can slow down and enjoy your weekend!

  7. What a fun post, Pat! I think we all worry a bit over those class reunion things. I have several classmates that have had extensive "work" done. Not my thing but God bless them.

    I ALWAYS have several projects going on at once- it is part of who I am...and will leave one thing and start another sometimes! xo Diana

  8. Hi Pat,

    I'm not much of a baker as I was in the past. Since my kids don't care for many sweets I'd be the one eating them.
    We had a warm spell in the low 70's but it went right back to winter here.
    Your class reunion sounds like fun.
    I have many projects that need to be completed.


  9. Hi Pat, I am with you on unfinished projects....for each day I get a small burst of energy, the rest of the week is a washout! I don't know how these folks do post after post day after day cooking and setting tables. I am exhausted just from reading blogs. Getting old for sure. :) xo

  10. Same here. I have so many projects and have to focus really, really hard to stay on track. It's good to know that there's someone else just like me.:-)

  11. I'm glad you are enjoying the nice weather. We had it for about a week & a half, but now it's winter again (although the temps are slightly above the norm.)

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. You are not unorganized just busy. You are doing good. I hope your friends continue to recover. :-)

  13. In regards to overflowing cake batter....been there done that! So frustrating! :). Don't worry about not finishing projects. I have lots that still need finishing! ;) I don't know how some bloggers do it! Have a great weekend! Xo

  14. ALWAYS make me laugh! I just did the same thing last week and ended up with a HUGE fire in my oven as I was cleaning it. I literaly had the phone ready to dial 911! How embarassing considering my hubby is a firefighter.

    As far as things that need to be finished. I can guarantee that we only take pics of things that are oraganized. Maybe we need to dedicate MONDAYS to "GET REAL" where we take pics of our homes with piles of laundry, cars that look like a hazardous storage unit, dirty dishes and the pile of camping gear and sports junk??? I'm on board! Love to YOU! xoxo

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. :) You are so right..the last hs reunion I was at was my 10 year. YIKES, we all started looking bad then..LOL. You look awesome, and you still have pep in your step. The cake, well, been there done that too.


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