Monday, September 24, 2012

~ Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit ~


My daughter and a friend of ours went to the Exhibit on Saturday. It's in Ft. Worth at the Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary. I wish I had photos to share but cameras were not allowed. It was absolutely a marvel ~ so much history and artifacts. There were a few of the actual scrolls, tiny pieces no larger than about 2-3 inches. They were encased in temperature and light controlled form. There were amazing copies of many scrolls ~ digitally created with parchment paper, certain inks and preservatives. The written scriptures, in English, would be displayed and the history of the original copies added.

There were vessels that contained water, grains and other liquids. Small containers that were evidently used for perfumes and medicines. Pottery was used in many forms ~ cups, plates, bowls, etc.  Archaic surgical instruments which really make one extremely grateful for modern medicine!  Small pieces of stone with writing, small copies of burial vaults and crypts.  Most all of them had drawings and writings on the top, sides and back in Aramaic, Greek and Latin.  There were absolutely spectacular photos, some 6-8 ft in length and width, of the caves, Dead Sea, burial tombs, artifacts, Jerusalem and the people. Evidence of the first use of make-up was displayed...very crude utensils, Kohl and minerals that were used to add color.  Nothing like our brushes, pencils, sponges, Q-tips, cotton and all the other paraphernalia we use today. :)


Sandals...made with leather, twine and sometimes nails.

Just one sample of coins ~ 


Cooking Pot

Wooden Bowl

 (All photos from online source)

There was a beautiful mock-up of the area where King Herod's castle was, the surrounding buildings and homes, Mt. Zion, the path that Jesus walked during the Crucifixion and the burial tomb. It was displayed much like an architect displays a new building, home or shopping mall.  We wanted to spend more time there but felt we needed to finally move on.

There were bibles showcased from the first printings in German, English and other languages. They were HUGE and absolutely beautiful!  We walked through a small hallway that was a "cave" and very much like the caves in those days. There were lots of crude pieces of what the people would use as tools. Outside, they built a place to "dig" like Qumran was.  I'm sure this would be a hit with kids!  At the end of the tour, there was a wailing wall and you could write a prayer and slip it in between the stones. Words are difficult to find to express the wonder, the sacredness and the absolute treasure this experience was.

I spoke with a young lady from South Korea for a bit. She was a guide and so kind. She and her husband are here for educational purposes. They are both teachers in their homeland and so looking forward to returning. They want to learn more about U.S. teaching practices, grading, etc.  She said there were so many Christian schools opening in South Korea and they were anxious to be able to teach there again. I asked about their transition in living here and she said it was very difficult. They had to have a car as there is no mass transportation like they have at home. They went to Car Max with cash and could not purchase a car because they did not have Social Security cards!  I would think it would be driver's licenses but no. She said,  "At home, everyone looks like me, speaks Korean and we do not need cars."  Can you imagine being in a foreign country without transportation, being able to speak the language or not having family & friends?  I applaud them!

One thing before I go...we were totally shocked at some people's behavior during the tour. You can take advantage of an escort from the staff or view at your leisure. We elected the latter, however, some people were totally rude and irreverent. Have you seen those people of Walmart photos?  Some were dressed very similar to that, talked loud and laughed, encouraged their kids to cut in line, you name it.  I would think the parents would want to explain the exhibit and its importance....I guess not. We all want to go back ~ there's just sooooo much to see and read ~ but it will be on a weekday next time.

Please be aware that I know this is lengthy and I've really, really tried to provide the Reader's Digest version!
If you're in the DFW area or anywhere in Texas, I think you must take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience. The exhibit is being returned to the donors and sponsors in January and continued work is always going on as they find more documents. Even if you're not in Texas, consider a little trip this way...and you and I could meet!  ;-)

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  1. WOw that sounds fascinating Pat - I'm a real history lover so this would be right up my alley!
    Shame about those that allow their kids to run around full of disrespect! But that happens everywhere unfortunately -
    Wish I could have been the 4th wheel when you went!

  2. What a great opportunity for you, Pat. I wish I was planning a trip out west ;-) xo

  3. Hi Pat,

    So exciting to see the exhibit. I hope you do get to go back.


  4. Very interesting! The last time my daughter & I went to NYC, we saw the advertisement for this exhibit. I wish we bought tickets to see it while we were there.

  5. What a fabulous exhibit! Talk about antiques...Wow..PS, no excuses for rude people!


  6. We need to get over and see the exhibit before it leaves. I can't believe the rude people that you encountered. You just wouldn't expect ill manners like that!!

  7. Thanks Pat for sharing such a fabulous exhibit with us! I hope you do get to go back and enjoy it all over again.

  8. What an experience. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to see this. Thanks for sharing with us too...Ann

  9. Hi Pat,
    I would really enjoy seeing the exhibit. It's amazing that we are able to view artifacts from so long ago.
    Stay cool up there!
    xxx, Tina

  10. It sounds like an amazing exhibit to see! The Korean couple sound charming and bless their hearts for having the guts to take that adventure! It has to be a huge task. And clearly no one was taught any consideration to others with the other people you encountered.

  11. That's really an amazing thing to see. I'm pretty sure that exhibit was in MN a few years ago. We didn't go. The girls were too little at the time. Fascinating.

  12. Pat...I loved your long post! So detailed and full of history. History, especially an exhibit about the Dead Sea Scrolls, is such a treat to study and experience. Thank you for taking the time to tell us all about your adventure. Much love to YOU!

  13. Pat, We were lucky to have seen the Dead Sea Scroll on a trip to Israel which made it even more special. People were very respectful at that viewing. Shame on those parents! Laura

  14. Glad you enjoyed it, Pat! I asked my hubby and this is a different exhibit than the one we saw in Tulsa. He graduated from Southwestern, it's such a beautiful campus and holds a special place in our hearts.


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