Friday, October 5, 2012

~ Halloween Giveaway! ~

I think it's time...spooky time...for a give away!

There are 2 Halloween kitchen towels, paper plates and napkins, cupcake liners and spooky labels for your drinks.

What do you have to do to win?  Just be a follower and also tell me what you like about Halloween.  If you don't enjoy this scary time, fun and treats tell me that also. We won't hold it against you... :)

The witching hour is 12 midnight, next Wednesday, Oct 10th. I'll get it in the mail the next day so you'll have the goodies early.

Come on ~ join in!


  1. Well of coarse I am a follower :) What do I like about halloween? Candy of coarse! Well, that and the weather, and all of the happy little kids coming to my front door asking for candy. What a sweet give a way.

  2. I am a follower! The thing I like about Halloween is chocolate!

  3. Hey Pat, this is very cute, and I am a follower and I do love Halloween, but I did win your last giveaway. ;-) xoxoxo

  4. I am a follower and sure would love to win..please count me in.

    My favorite thing about Halloween has to be the cute little goblins that come to 'scare' very sweet! xo

  5. Oh golly, only one? I guess I would have to say the beautiful trees. Nature creates the most glorious gifts.

  6. Oh Pat, I'd love to have the tea towels because I just don't have any. Halloween is bitter sweet for me since all my
    kids grew up and left home. We used to have such fun on this spooky night and I'll always remember the fun. Yes, I also dressed up when the kids did and then when they were older we had house parties... Now, it's sad to say the least!
    My grandkids live far so I cant do anything other than make costumes and put them in the mail. Also, not one child has come to my door in this neighborhood in the 6 years I've lived here... although I do put out my door decoration and leave the porch light on?
    Your giveaway would be such a treat!
    Thanks so much

  7. I love the Halloween decor and colors - it's just so much fun! I'm a happy follower.

  8. Hey Pat I'm happy follower and I also have your blog on my sidebar so I want miss anything that you are blogging about,so when I log on to my blog,all I have to do is look on my sidebar when you announce that I'm the winner,TEEHEHEHEHE.

    Why do I like Halloween,it's just so much fun,I make it fun,and love it when others do also,nothing gory or mean spirited.
    And your cute giveaway is FUN,and I thank you,now just go ahead and send me those treats!!

  9. Hi Pat!! Sign me up!! I would love to win!! Those towels are too cute!! I am now following you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! You are my 100th follower which is a great milestone, so an extra big hug for you!! All the best ~Deanna

  10. Oh, geesh, I forgot to tell you my most favorite thing about halloween!! I love to see all the little kids in their costumes, and eating all the extra chocolates!! They are still extra if I hide them and then give out the junky candy first, right????

  11. Hi Pat,
    Quite the goodie bag for your giveaway!
    My favorite thing about Halloween is candy corn and goblins.
    And pranking my grown sons, which makes me the goblin. ;)
    Please tell me the cooler weather has reached you and is headed south.

  12. Hi Pat...Well first thankyou for coming over and leaving a comment. I do hope you will try the apple dumplings. They truly are easy and you will love them.

    I would LOVE to win your fun giveaway!!! Our house is well known in the neighborhood as a must stop place for Halloween as we give out of choice of full size candy bars plus donuts and hot cider and cocoa. I think last year we had 275 and it seems to get bigger each year. I also give a huge party for my grandkids. It is so much fun and lasts a couple of hours and of course we have lunch first. (I have 35 grandkids but not all around here so only about 17 plus parents come.) It is a blast!!! N.

  13. I am a follower and what i love about halloween is the cooler weather ...All the cute costumes..And the looks on the children faces when they see what candy you give them..And the spooky decor is not so bad it's self..but most of all is the joy of digging through my kids halloween candy at the end of the night.d .And knowing i have decorated my home with all the halloween decor for my kids more time before the leave the nest..

  14. Oh, please count me in.. I located you from What We Keep Blog..

    Halloween has this interesting feel to it.. all month long. The silky fall haze and temps and bring on hues and smells leading up to the 'brewing' hours.

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  15. Hi Pat,

    Well it's the candy that's for sure.
    I also enjoy seeing all the kids in costumes.


  16. I'm already a follower, Pat! What a fun giveaway. I love Halloween because of all the happy memories I have of my kids trick-or-treating and now my grand kids. Of course, I had fun myself as a kid!!!!

  17. I'm a follower! Halloween is growing on me...I am beginning to like bats, crows, and spiders--as long as they're glittered!

  18. GFC Follower. I love decorating for Halloween. BOth the house and the yard get a great deal of attention!

  19. Follow via GFC.
    I love decorating, handing out candy to my trick or treaters and eating the leftovers!

  20. I follow via GFC and I love Halloween- the candy, the parties, the decorations, etc.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  21. OOO, thanks for telling me about this awesome giveaway. I almost missed it. :(

    Halloween has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. As a young child, my mom and Aunt Lillian would dress me up and I was ALWAYS a gypsy. can you believe it? In fact, I did a post about it a few yrs back and I will re-run it around Halloween. :))
    I am a follower. :)
    xo bj

  22. new follower via GFC, I love the fall foliage, and baking this time of year... (apple picking, pumpkin picking then baking apple and pumpkin pies and other goodies!)

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  23. I would love to win all those Halloween goodies! I could surely use them,we have a huge party for my entire family and now some of the extended families. Everyone dresses in costume too. We loving sharing each others spooky dishes like Monster sloppy joes and 'finger' bread. There's also a lot of games for the kids and a hayride through the haunted forest. Stop over for a visit to my blog & you can see my wacky family in their costumes from last year.

  24. What a sweet giveaway. I love seeing all the children come to the door in costume. It's funny how time has changed. They used to yell Trick or Treat... Now they just knock on the door and wait for their goodies.

  25. google friend follower as SnowflakeDay (Audra)
    What I like about Halloween is the old black and white movies that come on TV. I'm not much into dressing up; although my daughter is getting close to the age to start trick-or-treating.

  26. Hey, Pat! I love seeing all the creativity in the costumes. Hope your migraine is better SOON!


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