Friday, October 19, 2012

~ Your Bank Account ~

Just thought I'd share that my bank account was compromised this week.  It's been more than a headache and a hassle to try to get everything straightened out.  I've felt every emotion...anger, puzzled, vulnerable and oh yes, tears and vulnerability!  These hackers are incredibly brilliant and it's extremely sad that their talents are not used in a positive way.  

Another thing...the day I discovered this, I received phone calls back to back...constantly, from every area code imaginable as well as Anonymous, Private, etc.  I normally never answer the phone if I don't recognize the number but I did that day.  There would be no response on the line and then a  click that would disconnect.  A few were off-shore....determined by the number of 1's in front of the phone number plus an accent IF anyone responded.

I'm saying all of this just as a reminder to please check your accounts daily!  It had been a couple of days for me and I won't do that again.  I had to open a new account and you know what that entails....more paperwork, new debit card, checks, etc.

I also changed my home phone # due to the annoying calls.  Doing that with AT&T almost caused me to turn into Freddie Krueger!  ;-) They did offer a word of be sure and check my phone bill carefully for the next couple of months.  Some of those "illegal" numbers can rack up high costs on your phone bill.  IF that should happen, they will delete the charges.

My daughter's boss and his wife just went through this twice.  One thing the bank advised them to do was to have a separate debit card for entertainment, dining out or anytime you use it in public.  It can be loaded with $200-$300 dollars, transferred from your "real" account.  IF the card disappears from your sight while out, then you know the max that could be stolen.  I think this is a great idea!  The extra card is NOT linked in any way to your "real" account as far as the public knows.  Hope I've explained this clearly....

I so hope that no one else has this dreadful experience!


  1. Sorry for your trouble. It really is a pain in the neck. xo

  2. I am so sorry!! That is SUCH a hassle! Thanks for the reminder - I am off to check my accounts right now!!

  3. I'm sorry you had to go through this Pat. I'm sure it was no fun trying to fix it.

    Thanks for all the advice :)


  4. Oh what a pain! We've been fortunate that this has never happened to us, but I dread it if it ever does! Glad you're on top of it and getting everything worked out. Hope your weekend is great!

  5. Oh no - how awful for you - and I'm afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg for the " chosen " crime of the future - we're all so vulnerable to this ( purchasing online etc )
    Glad it was sorted out - but so sorry it happened to you in the first place Pat!
    Try to have a good wknd!
    Big hugs from Montreal

  6. Oh Pat, what a horrible experience! I have had some issues with credit cards being charged fraudulently, but not my bank account hacked. I hope all is straightened out, but it is such a personal violation, I can only imagine how you must feel. Thanks for the reminder to be careful.

  7. I'm so sorry you're going through this, Pat! We have lived through our accounts being raided as well. "Check it all daily" is certainly the best advice!

  8. Terrible. What exactly did they do? Does the bank cover the loss? Egads, all accessed from a debit card?

    Makes me so nervous.


  9. So sorry you had to go through this.. something similar happened to me.. my ATM card, whoever wiped out my checking acct.. the bank took care of it in a matter of days and told me from what they knew it happened at a gas station.. I no longer use any card there..go in and pay cash although it's a hassel.. I was told someone across the parking lot with a camera can watch you punch in your password or take a photo of your number... and don't give your charge card to a server in a restaurant.. she must stay at the table or take you with her to pay with it.. pain!!
    So glad you have it covered.

  10. So sorry you have had to deal with this, and thanks for the advice, I will start checking every day! Hope for better days ahead!

  11. OMGosh, what an aggravation! Thanks for the warning. We almost never use our debit card. We've had several weird phone calls lately where no one says anything and then "click"! Don't know what that's all about either.
    I hope things are finally sorted out. Hugs and have a great week,

  12. Hi Pat~
    Thanks for all your reminders!
    I must pay better attention. Your tips about gas stations and restaurants are the ones that I've heard the most. My daughter figured out that it was at a gas station when it happened to her because a co-worker mentioned she had a problem after she got gas near work. And it was the same gas station! They were able to give that information to the police and bank.
    You will help us all to be more on alert!

  13. What a mess, Pat! This happened to us about two years ago. Thanks for the tips. What really irritates are the terrible people out there that think to do these evil things!!

  14. Oh you lived everyone's nightmare!!! I don't have a debit card connected with my bank account for that reason! Of course they can always get to anything if they want ...Credit card, checking etc. I don't do online banking it scares me, but since I don't, I can't check my account everyday either. I just don't think there is anyway to avoid it, no matter how careful you are...How sad is that!


  15. Oh no!..that is so scary,and I know it has got to be stressful and aggravating.
    Sorry this has happen to you,hope and pray it all gets worked out.


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