Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~ Just Keepin' It Real ~

 Want to feel soooo much better about your house?  These pictures should do it ~ that's for sure!

I really like when bloggers show the "real stuff" so I decided to do it now.  Decorating for Christmas is fun, it's messy and it's time consuming.  I drug everything out of the storage closet last Thursday and this is what it looked like.  If you are easily scared, I suggest you use this as a warning NOT to go further!   ;-)

Friday, I had a horrendous migraine so didn't get back to the "stuff" until later that evening when I felt a bit better. I really got a lot done but with other things going on too, I was delayed in finishing it.  

Oh yes, it's "real" alright!  A friend of mine bumped the Scentsy plug-in and wax splattered all over the wall!  I do have to get that cleaned up ASAP.

Can you believe I'm really showing this?

A little truth or dare?  :)

And....at last, the tree trimming begins.  Remember, this is the beginning.  Will show the final when I finish these 2 rooms.

A couple of other mentions from last week, with the full moon. My son had to travel to Taiwan again on business, however, this was the trip from hell.  Going over, a man in First Class had a heart attack. 5 medical people were on board,  however, he passed away. They moved the passenger next to him, covered him in blankets and continued the flight. Can you imagine? My son got extremely ill while there and we were so worried!  He is one that can be almost dying and won't consider going to a Dr. or even say that he's miserable.  A Dr. from the hotel saw him about 2:15 a.m. and gave him meds, thank God.  He finally was able to travel, however, the flight out of Taipei was delayed 3 hrs, thus making them late for his connecting flight from LAX-DFW.  Oh yes, and the lady sitting next to him used the barf bag several times due to heavy turbulence.  This was really difficult for him.  He got to the gate for his flight, they had closed the door.  They said if his bag was a carry-on they would open the door and board him. Nope, the bag had to be checked so he spent 3 more hours waiting for the next flight, arriving in DFW at almost 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

Saturday was my birthday and I had a severe allergic reaction to something...my eye lids were swollen, red and hurt like I don't know what. I thought Benadryl would kick it, but no. Sunday morning I could hardly see as the swelling was so much worse.  I called my Dr. and was advised to go to the ER.  I spent 3 hrs there, however, the nurses and Dr. were wonderful. Gave me Prednisone, 2 antihistamines, antibiotic eye drops and yes, Benadryl.  I've been hoping I don't turn into Freddie Krueger with the steroids!  So far, I just can't sleep and I have more energy ~ the latter being a nice side effect.  The swelling has gone down but my eyes still hurt and the eyelids look horrid. I can't be on the computer very long nor read much nor watch TV much.  I have been cleaning!  :)

Had to clean all my appliances yesterday as they are installing new black appliances today.  I can't wait!

That's the latest from my jumbled abode.  What's going on with you?  Do tell....


  1. Thanks for being real.I don't even feel much like decorating because our kitchen floor is being reinstalled after a water leak from the refrigerator ruined all the wood. The refrig is sitting in the middle of the floor and some of the floor has been taken up for when everything was drying out. Can't wait to see your finished work. It will look great. Happy holidays!

  2. Pat, I enjoyed seeing your "truth", you are a genuine person which is why I like you so much! Did they know what caused that reaction to your eyes?? That was a very frightening event! Hope you are feeling better. Your poor son, too, what a travel experience. What are the chances of that happening?? xo

  3. Gosh, you for real looks really neat. My for real doesn't look anything like yours. I finally found a house and hope to be back to the internet world soon. Happy Holidays!!

  4. Pat, Can't sleep with more energy...no wonder you dragged all that stuff out.:):) God bless you...sounds like a hard time for you and your son... keep you eyes on your son. I just almost panic when I think of people getting sick in far away places. When you said you were keeping it real...I think everyone's stuff looks that way when it's all out there to be fashioned into a festive Christmas. Smiles to you,xo, Susie

  5. OMGosh- What a disaster with your eyes and almost disaster with your son. Poor kid- poor you!
    Your mess isn't so bad- I couldn't even walk through my house for two days we had so much crap hauled up. Your tree looks very pretty.
    What was the final diagnosis with the eyes? That is kind of scary- xo Diana

  6. Ok I thought I had a week from hell - OMG Pat!!!
    So happy to hear your Son is ok - can't imagine being on a flight and that happening!
    As for that mess - well that may be huge for you dahlink - but really isn't that bad lol
    big hugs,

  7. Pat, this post was full of ewww and ucky stuff... but as you said "It's real"...
    I hate overseas flights.. their so long and when something go's wrong your stuck in the cabin with what ever the wrong is... your poor son!
    Hope you get your decorating finished soon and start smiling.
    Happy Holidays

  8. Yup, my house looks like yours and has for the past three days. Hopefully I will finish up decorating tomorrow and get all of the storage boxes put away.

    Sure hope you feel better soon and that your son gets all of the care he needs.

  9. My house looks the same...I started going through things today and started decorating the dinning room. I'm not putting up as much this year. By the way, your tree looks beautiful!

  10. Oh my. The decorating mess didn't bother me at all...doesn't everyone's house look like that when they decorate? I was sick during the process too, so it sat out longer than I can ever stand it to. The stuff about your son was horrible...I don't fly, but my daughter had a horrible flight in June and while no one died, everyone was sick and scared out of their minds. She did get back on a plane in October, but I worried about her!

    So sorry about your birthday. You may remember I had food poisoning on mine...I think we deserve do-overs! I hope you are feeling better now, that sounds dreadful!

    Your tree is beautiful though!

  11. Oh, my goodness! Don't you wish you knew what brought on that kind of allergic reaction so you'd be sure to NEVER do that again! :) So glad you're feeling better and that your son is too. I got a kick out of you showing us the true side of Christmas decorating. You're keeping it real!

  12. Well, I can relate to the pictures! My house always looks like it has been ransacked when I change over the holiday decor - thanks for making me feel better! And your poor son!!! I had a similar allergic reaction to enbrel except it was my entire face and it took several weeks to get it better. Hope you figure out what caused it. Sending hugs,

  13. Well, first, I'd like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, cher! That is just terrible about that allergic reaction and your eyes. Hope that you are much better, now.

    As for the Christmas decorating mess. I dragged everything out and I had 18 boxes! Definitely time to clean it out! LOL Your tree is gorgeous!

  14. Oh dear, Pat! At first, you had me laughing with all the keeping it real and the funny pics!! Then I read the last part...your poor son and then you. I'm glad you saw the positive side in having extra energy. Sure hope you feel better soon.

  15. Thanks for keeping it real, Pat! And, don't worry, so many of us were climbing over boxes and covered in glitter right along with you! So sorry about your son ... hope he's better! And, same for you ... hope you are on the mend! Your tree is beautiful!

  16. It didn't scare me. I've been ending every night hoping the next day is the day the bins go BACK to where they came from so the mess is gone!


  17. Yup, that box mess looks familiar! I try to keep it a little under control and stack the finished boxes by the stairs for hubby to take to the basement!

    What a horrible flight! I can't believe it. I guess I never thought about what would happen if someone died on a flight.

    Hope you are feeling better. I had that happen to my eyes once after eating lobster and touching my eyes. Allergic reactions in the eyes are so miserable. I feel for you dear!

  18. Oh, bless your heart! You've had a rough go of it! I hope your son is feeling better, and glad you are doing better also! How scary and miserable! Happy Birthday-even though your day wasn't great-maybe you can get a do-over day! And, my house looks like that for about a week any time there is a change in the seasonal decor. Your tree is beautiful!

  19. I love your real Pat! My real looks the same.


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