Friday, December 14, 2012

~ Precious, Innocent Children and Teachers ~

Precious, innocent children...I'm sure most of them were happy to go to school this morning, excited to think Santa comes in 10 days, planning a week-end of fun and family time, friends and slumber parties, movies and ice cream...maybe a trip into the city to see Rockefeller Center, the Christmas tree and ice skating, hot dogs and sodas on the street.  These precious young, innocent children and their teachers in what we might call a "normal" setting, on a "normal" day but hey, it was anything but "normal" wasn't it?

I have had a splitting headache all day, my stomach is rolling and my heart is shattered. I cannot even begin to comprehend what these families are experiencing or feeling.  Why doesn't the world stop when these things happen?  I wondered that on 9/11 too. I've wondered the same thing each time a horrendous tragedy hits.  How can people just continue like everything is normal?  I am thousands of miles away and this senseless act of violence has ripped my heart wide open. I can't even think of decorating, entertaining, shopping, anything!  I'm no different than anyone else but I'm totally different tonight.

There's a lot being said on TV (which I had to turn off) and on FB and other social media about gun control.  Had I been there today, I would have definitely used a weapon on this nut case.  That's not the Christian's a knee-jerk reaction to a crazy, selfish, out of control person that chose to ignore any conscience that he might have had or any respect for life.  My thoughts are not Christian like, I know that.  God knows it and He knows my "real" heart.  I know I've not felt like a Christian today...lots of evil thoughts and horrid words.  I do think it's up to each of us to be pro-active about changing our world.  I'd really like to have all children and teens ~ like my grands ~ wrapped in protective bubbles where no evil can get through to them, by word or deed.  I know intellectually this is not possible. I know that it's far fetched. I also know that all children deserve more. The teachers deserve more. What can we do to provide "more"????  What happened to the kinder, gentler times that I grew up in?  I think the world is on its axis and evil and violence are rampant now.

I think God would have us come from a place of love...not fear and anger. We are to show love to everyone I think.  We must share smiles, kind words and deeds. We must be aware and not in avoidance. No hiding either!  We cannot hide from the world, although I'd like to right now. Hiding and living in fear means "they" win. Yes, the crazies, the mentally disturbed, the individuals without conscience, those without respect for anyone or for life, the terrorists. If we give in, if we hide, if we live in fear ~ yes, "they" win! IF you've been able to hang in and read my rambling thoughts, thank you!  I hope that you will hug your kids extra tight, tell them how much you love them and how important they are to you. For that matter, we should be telling all of our friends and family members the same. Each of us takes "time" for we'll have weeks and months and years. Maybe we will and maybe we won't so live like you were dying! 


  1. Ooh Pat, such sad times for these families. I ask myself, why don't the evil people just shoot themselves before they harm others?? It' just seems so senseless to destroy others in the process. I was able to take my grandchildren to breakfast with Santa today, but thought of all those families who will never recover from this.


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