Thursday, January 17, 2013

~ Questions for You! ~

I'd love to know your favorite brand of paint for furniture.  I know a ton of folks use ASCP but I can't/don't want to spend that much for a can of paint to do just one piece.  I realize a lot of you have multiple pieces you could use it on and that is a different ball of wax can of paint. :)  I really, really want a metallic paint!  I bought one of Martha's at Home Depot and it's a beautiful color ~ gold ~ but it does not cover.  Yes, I've tried several methods with it.  I want a paint that has the primer in it.  I like the freebies I got at Ace Hardware during the summer, however, the colors have not included a metallic.  I think I'll stop by there tomorrow and see if there's anything new.

Another recommendation I need is for a printer.  My printer is very old and the ink cartridges cost a fortune for it.  The color cartridge does not print "definitive" colors except for blue...and a very shallow shade of green.  No red or purple, etc.  :(  I'd love to have a new one that is capable of different functions.  I see a lot of talented peeps creating amazing projects with transfers, especially from The Graphics Fairy. Not me with this equipment from the dark ages!  :)

Thank you in advance!

P.S.  Going to the eye Dr. tomorrow and hoping/praying/wishing that this eye problem can be resolved. I can't spend much time on the computer or read for very long. TV is questionable. I miss catching up with everyone's blogs and all the fun things going on!


  1. Well, I'm completely worthless with your questions but I do hope the eye issue gets straightened out.

    I bought some of the Annie Sloan chalk paint in October, but haven't tried using it yet. You know how I am with anything crafty...failure!!

  2. I think you can get a large piece painted with a small amount of ASCP, like a sample size. That's what a stockist told me. It goes a long way. My all-in-one wireless printer sucks in plain English, it's an HP 4500 don't get that one! Hope your eye dr. appointment goes well and you get a good report. xo

  3. Besides Annie Sloan - my next favorite is BEHR - I used to buy the floor paint believe it or not - because of the durability factor!!!
    Fuggedaboudit - I'm clueless lol
    Take care of you Pat - have a wonderful wknd,

  4. I wish I could help you, dear Pat, but I haven't tried the ASCP either. I want to paint a hutch, but I'm still debating on what to use. I do know that Behr has a paint and primer kind. Maybe you could try that with some of the metallic on top. I'm not any help on printer either. Those cartridges do cost a fortune.
    I sure hope your eye problem gets resolved. Big hugs sent your way!!

  5. Why not make your own chalk paint? I have used a variety of brands and my favorite is Benjamin Moore but also have been happy with Behr. Both are very durable and when I mix up my own chalk paint & find them to cover well and distress easily.

    As far as printers, my Canon sucks up the ink like no tomorrow. Would love to get a new one too.

    Hope your eye appointment goes well!

  6. I don't think chalk paints come in a metallic anyway, so not sure I have any input on that, and I think all printer ink is expensive, so I'm worthless there too, but I do hope your eye gets better!


  7. I agree, Behr is a good choice, and if you want to make your own chalk paint it's a lot cheaper. I used the recipe on Elizabeth &Co blog.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your eye problem that must be awful. I'll be sending you some positive prayers, keep us posted on doctor's feedback.
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  8. Make your own chalk paint. It covers really well and looks beautiful Pat.
    Versions of Chalk Paint:

    I have a laser printer. What kind of printer are you looking for?

    I hope your eye feels better soon.

  9. I'm all about Benjamin Moore Advance - it's my favorite for furniture. BUT....I'll admit that it's not as good as ASCP when it comes to distressing - it discolours a little when sanding. I have used ASCP and a sample pot can do a pretty good sized piece, so it might be worth it depending on what it is you have to paint.

  10. Pat,

    I use Annie Sloan because I hate prep work and this paint does not require any. I also like Behr.

    My printer is a Canon....really like it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Barb ♥

  11. Well, Paint usually has something to do with Crafting so I can't help you there.
    Sure do hope your eyes are better...
    O, and I have a BROTHER printer and it works great.

  12. I have an HP Photosmart printer which I've had pretty good luck with so far, and it wasn't too expensive.
    I mainly use ASCP, but I also like Benjamin Moore Aura. Don't think it comes in metallic though. If you find a good one let us know!
    I hope your eye problem is resolved soon!

  13. I read on a blog that the best paint for furniture if you are on a budget is regular latex paint but in the flat finish. Sand well first and you should be all set. No idea on the printer though...sorry!


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