Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ Focus ~

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and had the wonderful opportunity to see the installation Mass of Pope Francis. I thought it was beautiful!  I'm not Catholic but I believe he is an incredible man and so very humble. We've all heard that he has lived in a small apt, cooked his own meals, rode the bus and now in an open vehicle ~ not the Pope Mobile all closed in.  I think he's going to bring a new spiritual awakening to all Catholics and to the world.

What I cannot believe is that the news media focuses on the fact that he wears black shoes!  So what?  It just blows my mind that his shoes would be a focus rather than the man.

While standing in line at the check out yesterday, I saw that, once again, the rag mags exploit anyone they can. It seems there is a new TV series entitled "Splash" where celebrities dive from incredible heights. Kim Kardashian is gaining a lot of weight with her pregnancy. This one is high, another is getting a divorce and another bought or sold a jillion dollar home. Who cares?  How will these subjects affect my life? They won't!

I don't watch the news anymore except to try and catch the weather at times. Too much sensationalism and negativity and I don't want or need that in my space.

Why don't we focus on the good stuff?  What a wonderful person Pope Francis is, how beautiful our spring weather is/will be, people that are doing good things, our friends and family, laughter and love, gratitude for all we have, our health and abilities to cook, bake, garden, hug, decorate, walk, run, eat too much, nap, buy ourselves flowers, perform a random act of kindness, check on an elderly person, share a meal, take a plate of cookies to someone....you could add to the list I know!

I'm a firm believer in what we think about, we bring about.  Perhaps if each of us chooses to focus on the good stuff, we can change our little corners of the world ~ wanna try?

P.S. The woman and the kid (upstairs) returned late Saturday night. Immediately, my body tensed. I am
really working on being positive about this situation!


  1. What a great mindset you have, Pat! It really has become a world where everyone has a say in someone else's business. I scan my Yahoo news feed quickly now, I just can't take the sad/sordid/mind bending/sensational stories they print. And I wish everyone would stop complaining about the weather. It is what it is.


  2. I totally agree with you Pat. I hate the media and don't watch much news either! It's just a joke and about things I DO NOT care about either. The morning shows have become a screaming fest, who wants to hear that crap at 7 am?? Not me, gets on my nerves!! I'm stepping down from my soap box now. Sorry about your neighbors! Hang in there!!

  3. I gave up reading the news quite
    some time ago.. it's mostly gossip
    and ugly stuff. I only want to know
    what is going on in the areas where
    my family lives or something that
    will be hurtful to us Americans.
    Your post was good!
    Happy Spring

  4. Sometimes I have to stay away from the news because what is happening in the world is just too awful to fill my head with.

    I have seen some of the new Pope and he seems like a kind and humble man.

  5. Dear Pat, what a lovely post. I feel the same way about the news. Hate it. Thank you for writing such encouraging words.....something I desperately needed to hear. xo

  6. I don't want to watch it, either. My husband is always watching. I don't think they are affected by it like we are.
    I feel bad for you with the Loud Family upstairs. Hope they move soon.
    Your blog looks pretty!

  7. Yes, indeed, dear Pat, we need to focus on all the good in life. AMEN! xo

  8. I am not Catholic either, but there are things I'm hearing that I do like about this Pope. I hope he opens his mind a little about some social issues, but I guess it doesn't really affect me anyway.

    I'm a news junkie...I have CNN on all the time, but I agree...sometimes it just gets too depressing and I have to walk away and turn on happy music! I think it is good to be informed, but it also can leave one feeling truly helpless.

  9. I just hope someone doesn't try to shoot the Pope, that's why the Pope Mobile came about, after John Paul was shot.

    I hope he stays healthy and strong. It all goes back to the 10 Commandments. I hope people don't think he will veer on those, regardless of what society is calling ok these days.

    I am praying you find a safe and happy place to land, Pat, you deserve it! And no more giving blood. I hope all is well with your health.

  10. LOVE your attitude, I couldn't agree more! The news is so depressing, I barely watch it at all. Have a wonderful day, Pat! :)

  11. Pat I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post. It was so positive and uplifting and I found myself nodding as I read your words. Regarding the news, I've recently begun to take breaks from TV because it's all focused on sensationalizing the negative. I guess that's what grabs the viewer's attention but it's such a downer. Good luck with the neighbors, I hope it gets better.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  12. Pat, this was such a wonderful post. I wholeheartedly agree. We need to focus on the positive. Oh, and I won't watch the news either!

  13. Never watch the news Pat, Never, I can't stand it.It's like real life drama and negativity. Who needs it!


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