Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~ Think Before You Donate ~

I'm not sure if you've seen this or not. Amazing info about some organizations and the salaries!  I donate to two Hispanic ladies that clean for my kids.  They've become like family to me.  They are SO appreciative it almost brings me to tears at times. Really brings back awareness too at how blessed we are!


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  2. We are very careful who we donate to anymore- Good info, Pat- xo Diana

  3. For the past 15 years I've curbed my
    donations to only "St. Jude"...
    I guess being a mom has helped me
    make such a decision. I have three
    very healthy children and very
    Good Post

  4. We give to a single mom. She's then able to either use it, or sell it to get what she needs for her family.
    Any manly items are given to our lawn crew. They work so hard and appreciate everything so much. This way I know someone is getting the full benefit.
    Thanks for the info, Pat!

  5. Thanks for the info. I hate these imposture ripoffs! errrr...

  6. Thank you for bringing this up. Many with big hearts donate thinking that all organizations do the right thing. Years ago, I was shocked and hurt to find that several we gave to were turning very little over to the cause that was dear to us. We can now easily check, like you have done, and give where our money will really be a help.

  7. I am so careful with charitable donations. There are too many scams out there, plus I don't like my money being diverted for "other uses". xo

  8. I had no clue! Thanks so much for sharing this, Pat. It will definitely make me think twice about who I will be donating to. Thanks.

  9. Looks like we made the right choice yesterday we took to local Salvation Army,yeah!..this makes me happy!

    Can I re-post this info,thanks for sharing!

  10. Great post. it is true, you have to really research who you donate too.
    giving back is so awesome.

  11. Thank you for the information, Pat. We all need to be careful of how our $$ are being spent.

  12. Amazing, isn't it. Thanks for sharing this for comparison.

  13. I donate to our local Good Will and I belong to a club, and we get together and help a needy family.

    I just don't send a check anymore.

    Thanks for the good information!`

  14. I think it's obnoxious how so many corporations bully their employees into giving to the United Way.

    We donate to UCP because we have a daughter with CP. At least 85% of proceeds go towards their services.

    Great post!


  15. I so agree about not assuming where that money goes! Great sampler! I'm sharing that!


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