Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~ A little of this and a little of that! ~ * Including GFC going away *

Some of you may not be familiar with the bluebonnets of Texas so I thought I'd share a photo. They are really a type of "weed" that blooms for a couple of weeks in the spring, usually around Easter. There are fields of them as well as areas along the highways where they grow profusely, especially if we've had a lot of rain or moisture over the winter.  Tons of people get out in the midst of them for photos, especially to have their little ones photographed.  They are not cut down while blooming ~ just allowed to be there for everyone's pleasure.  * Just a bit of Texas nostalgia for you! * 

If you are familiar with my friend Leslie's blog, Gwen Moss, then by all means please stop by and visit her...you're really missing out.  She has a beautiful post from Sunday that I feel is vital to all of us.  It's about comparison ~ comparing ourselves to another, our blogs, our homes, you name it!  I've gotten caught up in that "comparison" thing a time or three since I've been blogging and it's NOT a good thing either!  I'll bet you have at some point...and no, you don't have to admit it. :)   Could have been a day that you were tired, worried, PMS'ing, didn't sleep, not enough coffee, you know the drill!  A little tiny thought could creep in while you're reading blogs and thinking, "Her house is gorgeous, she always looks dynamite, she & her husband never argue, there's never a shortage of money, etc."  We really should never do this to ourselves.  Please stop by and check out Leslie's post...she is an incredible writer and overall, wonderful person!  She says it much better than I could.  Oh, and yes, her name is "Leslie" and she explains the Gwen Moss connection. ;-)

I feel so FREE this evening!  I stopped by the apt office and signed the "Intent to Move" form this afternoon.  Yay me!!!!   I cannot wait to get out of here...

Oh yes, I understand that GFC and Google Reader goes away effective July 1st!  I treasure each person that has chosen to follow me and appreciate so much anyone taking the time to stop and visit and leave a comment.  You know, I think when we first begin blogging, seeing the "number of Followers" is so huge!  I don't guess we will be able to see that with the change but I want you to know how very much each of you mean to me ~ very serious about that.
UPDATE: I would like to share Amy's post about Bloglovin' ~
The Blissful Bee blog

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Friday, April 26, 2013

~ A glimpse of the new Casa ~

I've decided where I will move to the end of June.  Thank God and all of you for helping me!  This is a new complex, still under construction but extremely beautiful. The day I finalized it was rainy and very cloudy so I just took a few pics and they are not the best ~ be forewarned. :)

This is the kitchen ~ which I LOVE!  Pantry is on the left. Not sure if you can see but the cabinets on the far right have glass fronts. Neat, huh?  Stainless steel appliances. The cook top is glass, side by side refrigerator and the sink here and in the bathroom are drop in.  The faucet is the shower type...move it around for cleaning, etc.  Counter tops are granite, beautiful back splash and under counter lighting.

A little different view...the bar on the other side of the sink is awesome!

This is the living room.  Looks smaller with this view and the paint does not show up well. The entire space is a greyish tone, not the taupe reflected.  The doors open onto a balcony.

This is the closet off the bedroom. The cabinet on the bottom is a "laundry chute".  The other side opens into the laundry room. :)

I know I took a photo of the bathroom but cannot find it.  Missed out on the bedroom, laundry area, etc.  My mind was racing and like I said, it was a rainy, cloudy day.  Can't wait to show you more!  You won't believe the pool, lap pool, cabana areas, the workout room, etc.  Yes, it's smaller than where I am now but that's ok.  I'm paying for extra space now that I honestly don't use or need. I know many of you have spacious homes, however, as a retiree I don't "need" that nor do I want to care for it.  I want life to be calmer and peaceful...certainly away from the noise here, the leaks and all the other problems I've encountered.

I am continuing to declutter, toss and donate.  Really is a wonderful, lighter feeling!  I'm imagining the decor for the new space. I want an accent wall in the bedroom painted navy ~ I have a deep teal now.  I'm collecting gold framed mirrors for that wall and I want bright and happy in the bathroom! 

My headboard is white tufted velvet and the bedding is yet to be determined.  

Thanks again for all your good thoughts, prayers and kind words!  Will keep you posted as I go and I will take more photos when I can.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

~ Do just one thing! ~

We've all witnessed and/or been a part of a horrific time in our country this past week. Let's do this next one...and every future one...differently.  Plan to do just "one thing" each day for someone else. Of course, you can do a jillion things too!  :)   Mother Teresa said something like..."we cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love".  Call someone and check on them or just remind them they are loved, buy someone's coffee, bake something and take to a friend or neighbor, smile at a stranger, compliment a stranger, leave flowers anonymously at someone's door, leave a note on a stranger's windshield, help a new mom or someone that has had surgery, take a meal to a family in need ~ hey, you know the drill!

I really feel that positives and LOVE can make a huge difference in our lives, in the lives of others, in our neighborhoods and in our nation. We need more kindness and love ~ NOT the ugly stuff.  See what you can do, ok?  Acts of kindness are my "go juice" ~ I especially love to do the anonymous ones!

Come back and share if you'd like ~ just do it!  ;-)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

~ Word Verification and No Reply Bloggers ~

I've found several new blogs that are just outstanding, however, they have the dreaded word verification turned on.  Not sure if they are "no reply" bloggers, however, I discovered that Sue over at Sullivan and Murphy has published one of the best tutorials to change these functions.  If you are new and wondering why you don't have many comments, take a look!

Everyone will love you for it ~ :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~ Ramblings ~

I found the above some time ago.  I think it speaks to relationships, however, I'm using it as a reminder as I "physically" move on.  The situation with the people upstairs has improved somewhat, however, this has happened in the past and then Bam!  we're back to the same ol' same ol'.  I've been looking for apts online a lot but only one property in person.  I really did like it!  It's adjacent to a nice residential area, is gated and is a smaller community. There is an attached garage that has an entrance into the apt. It's a large 1 BR/Bath which is smaller than I have now but hey, I honestly do not need all this "stuff" that I have do I?  :)

Your continued good thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than you know!

I have a few projects that I want to do but my mind is more than scattered right now. I know if I just sit down and start, it will be like mental therapy for me. 

Please keep our military personnel as well as our country in your thoughts and prayers too. The act of moving ships toward N Korea is very scary.  We've been there once ~ isn't that enough?  I've honestly never understood why the U.S. comes to the aid of every country in the world while most of them hate us and never return the favor.  We spend billions on them and yet do not provide for our own.  Ok, down from my soap box!

I'm not sure if anyone north of the Red River likes pinto/red beans but it's a staple of Texas! :)
I made a huge pot yesterday and it always hits the spot on a rainy, cool day.  Add some Mexican cornbread and you're set!

Have a wonder*filled week ~