Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~ A little of this and a little of that! ~ * Including GFC going away *

Some of you may not be familiar with the bluebonnets of Texas so I thought I'd share a photo. They are really a type of "weed" that blooms for a couple of weeks in the spring, usually around Easter. There are fields of them as well as areas along the highways where they grow profusely, especially if we've had a lot of rain or moisture over the winter.  Tons of people get out in the midst of them for photos, especially to have their little ones photographed.  They are not cut down while blooming ~ just allowed to be there for everyone's pleasure.  * Just a bit of Texas nostalgia for you! * 

If you are familiar with my friend Leslie's blog, Gwen Moss, then by all means please stop by and visit her...you're really missing out.  She has a beautiful post from Sunday that I feel is vital to all of us.  It's about comparison ~ comparing ourselves to another, our blogs, our homes, you name it!  I've gotten caught up in that "comparison" thing a time or three since I've been blogging and it's NOT a good thing either!  I'll bet you have at some point...and no, you don't have to admit it. :)   Could have been a day that you were tired, worried, PMS'ing, didn't sleep, not enough coffee, you know the drill!  A little tiny thought could creep in while you're reading blogs and thinking, "Her house is gorgeous, she always looks dynamite, she & her husband never argue, there's never a shortage of money, etc."  We really should never do this to ourselves.  Please stop by and check out Leslie's post...she is an incredible writer and overall, wonderful person!  She says it much better than I could.  Oh, and yes, her name is "Leslie" and she explains the Gwen Moss connection. ;-)

I feel so FREE this evening!  I stopped by the apt office and signed the "Intent to Move" form this afternoon.  Yay me!!!!   I cannot wait to get out of here...

Oh yes, I understand that GFC and Google Reader goes away effective July 1st!  I treasure each person that has chosen to follow me and appreciate so much anyone taking the time to stop and visit and leave a comment.  You know, I think when we first begin blogging, seeing the "number of Followers" is so huge!  I don't guess we will be able to see that with the change but I want you to know how very much each of you mean to me ~ very serious about that.
UPDATE: I would like to share Amy's post about Bloglovin' ~
The Blissful Bee blog

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Going away tomorrow??? Where did you read that??? Oy vey!!!

  2. Oh the bluebonnets are so pretty! I can just imagine what a whole field of them must look like!

  3. Pat, the bluebobnnets are lovely, and I'm glad you shared them with us.

    I'm going to pup over and read that article. It sounds good.

    I'm not sure what I'm switching to after Google Reader, but I'm looking at a couple of options. I wish Google would surprise us and not do this.



  4. I will go by and check out the article written by Leslie. Thanks for the pretty bluebonnet pic. Yea for you in filling out your letter. I guess I need to check into Bloglovin?? xo

  5. I love bloglovin! That's how I've followed blogs for years. Loved seeing the bluebonnet pics. So pretty!

  6. I used to live in Texas and the bluebonnets are one of the things I miss the most!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  7. Leslie is a terrific writer. I admire her so!
    Pretty bluebonnet photo. ;-)

  8. Hi, Pat. Thanks for posting the link to Gwen Moss. I just got back from going down the "rabbit hole" of links to many more lovely places I hadn't been before. :) So thank you!

  9. The bluebonnets are beautiful:) There is nothing like a field of wild flowers.

    Enjoy your Friday!


  10. Your blue bonnets are gorgeous. I love all "blue" flowers they really stand out from the others.

  11. Gorgeous blue bonnets! It's cold here today and hardly anything is blooming. So strange! Thanks for the link, I'll be visiting her soon. Have a great weekend, cher!

  12. Gorgeous blue bonnets! It's cold here today and hardly anything is blooming. So strange! Thanks for the link, I'll be visiting her soon. Have a great weekend, cher!

  13. I am so happy you are happy about the move...you can start to relax, it is almost here!

    I had to laugh at the comparing thing. There are times that I see a beautiful home and think that I'd like to throw things away and start over...but that isn't exactly envy, just a new style that I didn't know I loved.

    I think I love the "real" blogs the most because people aren't perfect. As I watched a few of my favorites go from "real" to "perfect" and gain sponsors, followers etc., my thought was actually that something had to give No one can have a perfect life or spend that much time (and money) making their blog their entire world. If they do, I feel sort of sorry for them!

  14. What is prettier than a field of wildflowers and bluebonnets are delightful. I am your newest follwer, please come visit and follow me back. I love making new friends and sharing ideas.
    Connie :)


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